Question: Anyone else like this?

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I’m 23 years old and AFAB, and just this year I started identifying as genderfluid. I’ve never felt like anything other than female all my life, now all of the sudden, this year, there are days and even weeks where I am just definitely not-female before I feel feminine again. I’ve started binding, and it feels great–I look how I FEEL I should look on my not-girl days.

I think I’m genderfluid androgyne/female, and I’m comfortable with that only…is this normal? Most of the narratives I’ve seen seem to have people knowing “something was different” about them in their earlier childhood.

Please post your response in the comments below.

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Posted by on September 15th, 2015 at 08:00 am

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3 Responses to “Question: Anyone else like this?”

  1. Tor

    Hi there! I’m actually almost exactly the same. I’m 19 and realised recently that, though I’ve always been fine with being female, I’ve recently felt genderfluid with female/non binary/agender. I’ve not really had a problem until very recently and while I was always a very tom-boyish child, I was happy being a girl. I share your confusion, though. It does seem rather sudden for me as well.


  2. Anonymous

    Compared to me you’re young! I came out around 48. So many of us did not know something was different since early childhood. I felt something, serious discomfort and alienation all my life but could not relate it to my gender identity. Is that normal? Are we normal? Obiously yes! You give in when you’re ready to give in.
    Learn to be yourself, including the changes. The way i regard myself still changes from time to time: it’s my reality, it’s okay. I’m okay. I’ve learned that. Hope you will too.


  3. Matthew/Melisa

    It seems I’m one of those “normal” people that knew something was different. As a kid I would wear panties, dresses, bras, and my sister’s fairy princess costume. I thought that there was something wrong with me, but I enjoyed doing it because of the rush it gave me. I liked doing something that people ended up seeing as bad, and doing it was fun. I didn’t cross dress as much after second grade, wearing a female swimsuit or panties or a bra maybe once every few years, but once I got into high school I started feeling more girly some days and boyish others. I started crossdressing again, not much, but enough. By junior year I was talking to a friend of mine late at night and it just came out. She told me I was probably genderfluid and told me that it wasn’t a bad thing. He’s (he came out as trans at the start of senior year) been incredibly supportive of me, and I of him.

    Back to my main point, everyone realizes it at different times. I knew I was different when I was 4. Does that make it “normal?” No. Although, it is possible that there are a bunch of stories about kids coming out in high school because of the environment it provides: a chance to grow in the way society wants you to. This stressful environment brings out what chafes with the norm, which is why there are a bunch of stories of kids coming out in high school. Just because you came out later doesn’t make you mutants.


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