Question: Hard time coming out as gender fluid and boyfriend has hard time accepting it.

Anony asks…

Hay everyone ;)

I’m a 16-year old bi and genderfluid girl and I have a boyfriend.

I recently came out to him as genderfluid and he’s been having a hard time accepting me on boy-days. He doesn’t mind me wearing his clothes or just boyclothes I buy but he doesn’t want to treat me like a boy. How can I make it easier on him? How can i make him accept me more?

Also I’m having a hard time coming out to my mom. The first thing she told me when i told her I am bi was “as long as you don’t start dressing like a guy.” Well now I’m just afraid she’ll hate me and not accept me at all. She already gives me dirty looks when I wear my boy clothes ;(

Please help me xxxxxx

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2 Responses to “Question: Hard time coming out as gender fluid and boyfriend has hard time accepting it.”

  1. Gerry

    The best you can do is try to explain it all to him as best you can. Obviously it’s not what you want to hear but if he can’t accept you for who you are, it may be best to end the relationship sooner rather than later. You’re young, and if you stay in a relationship with someone who won’t accept your gender identity it’s practically a guarantee that you’ll regret it later in life.

    Dealing with parents can be even harder, and I’m not sure what advice to give for that one other than just stay strong. If your mother doesn’t accept you, just know that you don’t have to live with her forever. Eventually you’ll move out on your own, and maybe she’ll see that this part of you isn’t going away.


    Smeemee3 replied:

    It can be very hard, I just recently had to come out in a rather bad way to my own mother. She is more confused but she doesn’t love me any less.

    I feel all parents think they know what is best and don’t understand the newer gender identifications. Have your mom look up info about it help her learn and understand.


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