Question: If I’m a demigirl am I still a woman?


I’ve basically just begun my journey of seriously exploring my gender identity and trying to figure who I really am. I’m dfab and I’ve always identified with being a girl/woman, but I guess being just a woman always felt like it was an incomplete definition, like I always felt some kind of otherness in my gender too that was separate?

The label demigirl seems to mesh with a lot of what I’m feeling, but I’m just confused because because I’m trying to acknowledge the part of myself I haven’t before, without denying the part of me that identifies with womanhood.

Has anyone else struggled with this?

Please post your response in the comments below.

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Posted by on July 1st, 2015 at 08:00 am

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11 Responses to “Question: If I’m a demigirl am I still a woman?”

  1. Riley Alexandr

    YES. YES! 100% ME. I feel that feel so hard. Like, I’m personally genderfluid, but I think demigirl basically covers it too.. But I still feel dysphoric from time to time…


  2. Alicia

    Wow, YES. Lately I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I usually feel female and I usually like feeling female, but sometimes I don’t identify with it as my whole gender… and it REALLY bothers me when people put a lot of focus on it! I guess that’s when it kinda pooped up again was when I noticed that.
    It’s confusing trying to break away from the binary mindset.


  3. Charlie22

    I would describe myself as non-binary although I’m also questioning a lot and I find this rather relatable. I think the sticking point for me is the cultural expectations placed on me have shaped me to a certain degree. I mean that I’ve always been seen by others as a girl/woman so a lot of the things I experience are through the lens of presumed woman hood. It does make me question whether I still have a place in lesbian/bisexual spaces and if so what the nature of that space is. There’s a lot of similarity in experience or the kinds of resources I look for but just with the addition of “should I actually be here?”. So far, my best guess is that it’s ok to an extent.


    Anonymous replied:

    I’m going through the same struggle. Sometimes I feel extremely detached from my assigned female identity (and dysphoric about my body) but sometimes I don’t think about it and I feel fine with being called a girl. Demigirl genderflux feels right, but I’m afraid that if I came out to people they’d just think I was a “special snowflake” who wants attention.


  4. Rae

    This is exactly how I feel! I have a nice wardrobe for a girl courtesy of my mom, but some days I just feel gross in those things, like I’m a Barbie doll whose curves are all wrong. Other days I’m confident in a crop top. I feel like I”m definitely female, but it’s not my whole story, y’know? I just found a new label.


    Anonymous replied:

    Me too. I feel like some days I’m just incredibly girly, crop top, short shorts, but then other days I’m like “excuse me I just want jeans and flannels”. I’m also subconsciously changing my appearance to make myself less female, for example I’m about to cut off all my long hair. I identify as polysexual which means I like more than one gender, in my case all genders except male, so I don’t really have to modify my sexuality label but I’ve always felt so weird as a girl. Like I’m fine we she/her but sometimes I just wish I was nb if that makes sense. I feel like I am a demigirl, like I fit into that mound but will people think I’m just trying to be a “special snowflake”, and what pronouns should I use? My friends at school, even though some of them are lgbt, keep saying there are only 4 genders, male, female, non-binary and agender. I argued with them about this for a while but according to them the “other genders” are just attention seekers, so if demigirl fits, they’ll probably hate me forever, so I can’t exactly come out…


    Anonymous replied:

    Hi I’m the same person who wrote the last comment uhhh so I came out as demigirl to my friends and most of them hate me now.. :/ they said I’m just attention seeking and that it’s not a real gender and that sucks but yeah just an update


    Liam Dunn replied:

    If your friends can’t respect you because of who you are than you deserve better friends. I’m gender fluid and some people hate me because of it. But I don’t get down because of it and neither should you because of what you are

  5. Liam Dunn

    If anyone needs someone to talk to than I’m always listening and glad to give advice


  6. Anonymous

    How do I tell my friends that I’m demigirl? I’ve just always hated dressing up and wearing makeup. When I was little, I didn’t mind so much, but now I absolutely hate it! I wear men’s clothing sometime when I have to dress up because I hate wearing dresses. But How do I let my friends know about this without making them think I’m just trans?


  7. anon

    Really helpful! I am questioning my gender, and my freind (she has been helping me understand all this LGBTQ+ stuff that I didn’t really know about before) suggested that I might be a demigirl after I said that I feel like Janet from the good place, who I guess is non-binary, but I still kinda feel like a girl, but at the same time not. Thank you.


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