Question: Privately funded top surgery in the UK

Elliot CR asks…

Has anyone had top surgery done privately in the UK? I’m looking for surgeons in the London area who are happy with carrying out the procedure privately on non-binary people.

Also, does anyone know if you still need to see a therapist letter beforehand?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m actually getting surgery next month privately with Andrew Yelland in Brighton. I can’t speak for any other surgeons in the UK as he was my first choice, but Dr Yelland does require a letter, I had to get two in fact, from two therapists. I saw Dr Lorimer and Dr Lenihan at GenderCare. I haven’t heard anything of surgeons in the UK who don’t require a letter but I know they exist elsewhere.

    After talking to Dr Lorimer it was his feeling that I should get a second opinion and Dr Yelland agreed. Being non-binary is a factor but I was told transmen can need two referrals as well. It’s something of a hassle since you’re paying for referrals as well as paying for the surgery, but if you’re in the London area at least you wouldn’t have to travel. To my surprise at the second appointment I was also told *some* non-binary people have been referred through the NHS at Charing Cross. I actually had no idea that was an option.

    Hope that helps some.


  2. ollie

    I had surgery privately with Mr Yelland too, and am also non-binary (I’m not on T either). I saw Dr Richard Curtis at Transhealth, who referred me. Only one referral was needed.

    I believe there is a surgeon in London, Richard Sainsbury, who does top surgery, but I don’t hear his name that much – I don’t know why. CN Lester has a good round up of top surgery options including an opinion on Richard Sainsbury.


    Anonymous replied:

    Am I right in thinking Dr Curtis needs two sessions before a referral? I think it ended up being the same cost/travel as it was for me seeing two different people, but I went with GenderCare in case I ended up only needing one appointment


    Anonymous replied:

    Hi Ollie,

    How many sessions did you have to have Transhealth? I just arranged my first consultation for May and am seeing Dr Pasterski first. Do you happen to know if I have one session with her and then one with Dr Curtis before a referral? Or is it two sessions with each of them?



  3. Elliot CR

    Thanks guys, that was very helpful. It’s just a topic you don’t hear to much about, so figuring out what steps need to be taken and in what order is quite difficult. I’m planning to make an appointment at either GenderCare of Transhealth first before contacting either Yelland or Sainsbury.

    What was your experience with the therapists like and what sort of questions do they ask?


    Anonymous replied:

    I had no experience with therapy and I’m not great at talking about myself so I was kind of nervous going in, but it ended up being pretty much what you’d expect. I was asked about my life experience, feelings about myself and my body, relating to other people, whether I’d want hormones or more surgeries, my family, family medical history, my own medical history etc etc.

    The therapists were fine, we also talked a little about gender on the whole, their professional experience and stuff. The referral was just their final opinion + everything I’d said typed out which was an embarrassing read. haha.


    Jack replied:

    CAn i get topSurgery at 15 if I go privately I can’t cope any more I don’t think I can live much longer I’m really struggling I don’t think I’ll make it to the end of the year Any advice please


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