Question: Velcro Binders Vs Tank-top Binders

Someone asks…

I’m thinking of buying a new binder.

So far I’ve only had binders with velcro. For various reasons, I’m now thinking buying one of those tank-top type of things, but I’m a bit apprehensive.

What I like about the velcro binders is that I can adjust them according to what I’m wearing and I can also loosen it quickly if need be. (Over the last nine or so years I’ve only needed to do that once.)

So I guess what I’m asking is, can anyone give me some kind of a comparison on these points? I imagine the tank-top binder as being tight and possibly uncomfortable compared to the velcro binder.

Please post your response in the comments below.

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2 Responses to “Question: Velcro Binders Vs Tank-top Binders”

  1. Anonymous

    It kind of depends on what size chest you have. I’m not familiar with velcro binders but I can talk about my experience with tank top binders, which I know is only half helpful.

    My chest is 30″ so an XS or S (I honestly forget which size I have…) binder from Underworks is not uncomfortable or tight and does the job really well. It has a hardish flexible panel that is not spandex-y, unlike the GC2B tank binder which is spandex-y. Yesterday I ordered an XS half binder from GC2B, and I’ve read everywhere that they’re way more comfortable than Underworks, kind of like a sports bra but actually binds. People recommend a full tank from GC2B for larger chests not a half tank. I’d look up reviews of both those brands to judge which one’d be better for you depending on what your priorities are (movability, comfort, longer term wear, daily wear, fit/which shirts look better with each).

    If you’ve only had to adjust the velcro once on your binder, than from the looks of it, your binder should be the same as a “normal” tank binder in that you wouldn’t have to take it off and put on a sports bra instead or anything, it’s just that you have like a multiple-in-one sizing option for the morning/whenever you put it on. And a velcro panel that’s probably at least somewhat noticeable (in terms of comfort) that a tank binder doesn’t have.

    The main thing would just be to measure right. I measured my chest 5 times to get an average of 29-30 inches. If you’re smaller-chested and in between sizes (like I was with GC2B), get the size up if you’re afraid it’ll feel tight or uncomfortable.

    Hope there was some useful info there :D


  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for your answer. I guess I’ll just have to try and see how it goes.

    What I meant about adjusting the velcro was that once when I was out about town I suddeny got sick, so it was really good that I could loosen the velcro and be more comfortable on the train ride home.

    That was years ago though, and I might not be so apprehensive if it weren’t for the fact that my blood pressure tends to be low, so much so that I fainted a couple of months ago (luckily i was home and not binding). I guess I fear my blood pressure plummeting and, getting all nauseous and stuff, not being able to open the binder immediately.


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