Question: What would you call me?

androgynous indie rock weirdo asks…

Hello Genderfork Community,

I am pretty confused about what I ‘am’ and would love some feedback on this. I was born a male and have mostly just dated females. Most of these women have been mostly identified as lesbian. I have had a few relationships with trans women mtf and or androgynous to the butch side of women. I am very attracted to masculine women ftm, or just butch ness in general. In 99% of all of my relationships with people I’ve often been considered the more feminine caretaker of the two of us (a few times 3) but am not interested in dressing femme although I have a few times for partners as they were more into it than me – I’m willing to play with that but I’m not so much into chasing that particular individual gender role. Make sense? Sometimes I feel like a female mentally but would not like to visually look like one as androgyny is more who I am.

As an artist I’m mostly into female identified and created work as an influence on my own. I don’t have very many male friends and or influences.

What would you label me? Some of this I have not told anyone else and am a bit (very) confused.

Thanks for listening to me,

Androgynous indie rock weirdo

Please post your response in the comments below.

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