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I’m pretty much okay with how my body is physically (to put it bluntly I like having a vagina and a bit of boob) but I feel like mentally I’m detached from my body and my mental gender can fluctuate.

I look at myself and I can see myself as feminine or masculine or androgynous and I like it that way. I wouldn’t mind being referred to by any pronoun. Some days I feel more masculine or feminine or somewhere in the middle and present accordingly.

Given all this I think I am genderfluid but I have heard a lot of people say you can’t be trans without dysphoria and I don’t have dysphoria. I do experience gender euphoria though which I just learned is a thing. I don’t like being called a girl or a woman but it’s just a mild discomfort.

I am just looking for some validation really. I’m confused and don’t know if it’s okay for me to feel this way. Am I just a cis girl with internalized misogyny? I don’t like feeling limited.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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2 Responses to “Some days”

  1. Riley Alexandr

    Hello friendo :3 I’m no expert, and I’m not you, so I can’t say this definitively, but you are likely genderfluid. Femininity, masculinity, and combinations thereof that fluctuate on a basis of some sort… Let’s just say, the signs are there. However, this is YOU we’re talking about, not some case file cooked up in a Gender 101 textbook. Each identity is unique, rarely (if ever) clinging to a cookie-cutter definition, so many of us are just where you are: in between, unsure, some of the above, etc.

    But that’s the beauty about gender – you don’t have to shove yourself in a box like “lol DONE!” You can just go with it. If you figure out you’re one thing or another, with a definitive name, then great! You’ve got that bit all figured out! But if you don’t get any further than how you feel today, not to worry, friendo: you’re awesome just like that. No matter what you are.

    Good luck, friendo :3


  2. Anonymous

    I completley agree with the previous comment. I just wanted to say that as someone who does not experience any gender dysphoria, but absolutely does not identify as cis, you should not feel like you need any qualifications to call yourself trans.


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