The Future Looks Forward.

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Human being have the right to wear what they wish and gender has no place in clothing or fashions. Something happened when we, as a culture, created the mandate to put sex on the birth certificate the moment the baby was born. As much as I understand the purpose of it, we’ve confused that genitalia is always the same as gender. We’ve been led to believe gender is binary — either you’re just a rigid male or female … The transgender experience is a bridge that will connect the understanding of struggles and suffering of the rigid gender binary. Gender and gender expression is fluid. We should be Unisex.

The Binary must go and both genders wearing what the wish, not just woman but guys as well, it’s a two way street.

Wearing formally female made clothes is completely normal, they are just pieces of tissues that were cut and sewed in some forms that have no relativity with the sexual gender of the wearer. To wear make-up is similar to wearing a tattoo. Remember, there are no rules for judging your appearance, there are only closed (small) minds, too afraid of everything that breaks down the formalism, the conservatory views, in any aspects.

The future looks forward, not backward. Be part of the future. End the binary dress code.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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