Their Perceptions Don’t fit What I Feel Inside

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I have been feeling confused about how gender identification is possible if gender equality is supposed to be a thing. Sometimes I identify with stereotypically male thoughts/activities, sometimes with stereotypically female ones. But the problem is that these are all stereotypical, so how can I identify with either?

Solutions proposed to me have been to not think about gender, or to go with my biological sex. Neither feel good since people still perceive me a certain way and their perceptions don’t fit what I feel inside.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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One Response to “Their Perceptions Don’t fit What I Feel Inside”

  1. Lazy Orang

    It’s less to do with stereotypical thoughts and behaviour, and more how you feel – what do [i]you[/i] feel like inside. It’s perfectly possible to have a man’s body and stereotypically feminine behaviours and still feel like a man, for example – and this goes with anything. You could be female bodied, act stereotypically female and [i]still[/i] feel like a male inside. Of course, more often than not people who feel one way will likely act more like the gender they feel like is stereotypically portrayed (though probably not quite the same), but not necessarily. As a genderfluid person who fluctuates between girl, demigirl, bigender, agender and [i]possibly[/i] demiboy (definitely more regularly on the female side :)), I have learned to feel what gender I am at any given time in myself, not by deducing it based on my behaviour and thought being ‘like’ one gender or another – while the gender I’m feeling at the time may effect my thoughts and behaviour, they are not the route of what someone’s gender is.

    Hope that helped. :)


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