You’re Dressing as You

Someone wrote…

Clothing does NOT – I repeat NOT – make the gender.

My boyfriend reminded me of this a few weeks back, when I didn’t want to wear a bracelet he got me. I wanted to wear it, honestly, but it was too girly for my identity. (I’m trans, ftm by the way. He didn’t know when he got me the bracelet.) I told him this as gently as I could.

He countered with, “If I prove that this bracelet won’t make you less of a man, would you wear it?” I told him yes.

He then proceeded to wear the bracelet around school (with a short sleeved shirt), and when anyone questioned it, he said, “I’m sorry you think men can’t wear bracelets. You must lead a boring life. I’m a man wearing a bracelet, and I feel no insecurity whatsoever. Still a man.” Gradually, he talked to almost every guy in the school.

The next week, guys started wearing bracelets to school. It was just a few at first, but then it turned into more and more, till almost everyone wore a bracelet. My boyfriend even took pictures and showed them to me. In one picture, one guy held a sign reading “#StillAMan”.

I wear the bracelet every day now, and it reminds me how much I love him, and it also reminds me that clothing does not make the gender. I can wear this bracelet wherever and whenever I want, and I am #StillAMan.

Clothing does NOT – I repeat NOT – make the gender. You can wear a bracelet or makeup or a dress and still be a man. For my trans sisters out there, you can wear pants and a hoodie and sneakers and still be a woman. Heck, wear whatever y’all wanna wear. You’re not dressing “as a woman” or “as a man”. You’re dressing as YOU.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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3 Responses to “You’re Dressing as You”

  1. Wilder



  2. Joel

    I teared up. That is AWESOME. :’)


  3. Anonymous

    Thank you- like, just thanks. I’ve been feeling so dysphoric & shifty ALL DAY (literally yelled at one of my friends today for drawing on my tricep) but this REALLY made my day.
    So deep lol.


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