Genderfork is Looking for Diverse Submissions!

Hi Genderforkers,

our site is looking for more diverse submissions, especially in the profiles section!

Since the founding of Genderfork, we have been actively prioritizing and screening our posts so that we show a robust mix of people, even when most of the material submitted to us has not necessarily skewed in the direction of underrepresented groups. You — our readers have always been quick to let us know when we dip below a certain threshold, because our GF community craves a diverse mix of representation and they want to see themselves reflected in a myriad of ways. We want to continue to deliver that now that our submission stream has dwindled a bit, and we want to fill in any gaps where we may have been lacking, especially as regards with age and ability.

If you are a new visitor, or have a friend who you think would be interested in this site, please pass this link along — we would be super grateful if you did! In the meantime, we will continue to work on inclusion and diversity in our posts, profiles and other sections of the website.

Looking forward to your entries,

the Genderfork Team

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One Response to “Genderfork is Looking for Diverse Submissions!”

  1. Anonymous

    I am a non-binary Scandinavian over 40 and I am close to giving up. I despair that I will ever find any peers. There are no spaces for me in my country and I cannot find any online communities where someone like me is represented. I feel horribly jealous of the teens and twenty-somethings who all grew up with the internet and have had access to knowledge about other people like themselves existing, language for who they are, communities to share in. There is no place online that reflects or includes someone like me. There is no place offline where my existence is acknowledged either. I feel completely unreal and it makes me wish I was dead so I didn’t have to deal with this every single day.


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