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I remember the first time I went to get pants from the men’s section. I was at TJ Maxx and had talked to my mom about getting guy pants “For the sake of REAL pockets” “Because Comfort” and “I’m tall, so finding pants that are actually measured instead of assigned a random number will be easier.” All things I was currently telling myself. Not just my folks.

It was odd because I had never gone to the men’s section before. I had no idea what ANY of the numbers meant. And I had no idea where to look and I was really self conscious entering the Men’s section in front of a father and his son when I was so obviously female. But as I was sifting the racks, finally fonding my way around, I was getting strange looks from a totally different guy.

And I could feel myself thing, deep down, a thought I (at the time) refused to acknowledge say “Yeah. I am a girl in the Men’s section at TJ Max. Whachya gunna do ’bout it? What if I’m not cis? Huh??”

And it was just this overwhelming sense of… victory. And I had no idea why… well. I refused to accept why. Now here I am, owning three pairs of guy pants.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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  1. Edalia

    It’s funny you’d think that way. I think the same way being in the women’s section but an ex-girlfriend said “don’t worry, guys are in the womens section all the time, for their girlfriends or whatever.” And I know as a born male there are always women shopping in the mens section and I just assume they’re shopping for their sons/boyfriends, or like the fit for themselves. I get the feeling it’s more accepted for a girl to shop in the guys section than a guy in the girls (pardon the gendered language, no implication meant) but I’ve always found the biggest battle is in one’s own head and that people by and large don’t care. It’s still tricky. If I’m in more guy mode I imagine I’m clothes designer checking out shapes and colours, or a costume designer looking for an actor, or if I’m feeling really bold I’m honest with myself and the world. Scary though.


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