Profile: Adria

You can call me… Adria

I identify as… a soul who has a human body…

or an alien who’s been planet napped and happens to be trapped inside of a human body.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … one, one’s, zee, thier? I haven’t really read much on gender neutral language so I’m not quite sure what seems to be the best third-person pronoun to use honestly. However, I thought it would be dandy to use emale as a third gender for those who aren’t female or male. Then I thought E would be a good third person pronoun for she/he since both she and he has the letter E in it. I also made up the term ” godzees” or “godzillas” for gender neutral gods.

I’m attracted to… the human soul rather than the human body, so it’s more so mental/emotional/ spiritual attraction. I tend to feel more drawn to people who are humble, genuine, eccentric, empathetic, creative, passionate, respectful, curious, deep, and/or people with a sense of humor who are naturally funny/goofy (unlike most comedians who offend me with gender stereotype jokes and staged “humor”).

When people talk about me, I want them to… hopefully not say mean or bad things! But more importantly, I don’t want people to say remarks that judge, stereotype, or make assumptions about me. It’s better for people who don’t know me to stick to the facts about me such as what I did or say rather than label me. However, if people wish to vocalize opinions about me, I would appreciate them explain why or the reasons for their opinions about me. (For example, rather than just saying “Adria is weird”, I would prefer people saying “I think Adria is weird, because she barks at people while jumping on a pogo stick.”) It’s ok for people to talk about people, but what I really admire and like are the people who talk about ideas/concepts…so it would really be snazzy if people talked about my ideas rather than about me.

I want people to understand… that all types of discrimination are equally wrong and need to be addressed equally by humans in terms of ending the problem of discrimination once and for all, especially if this is done for the sake of humanity or the unity of all humanity . To address or fight to end only some or specific forms of discrimination is to discriminate in itself. If one is truly against discrimination, one wouldn’t discriminate against which types of discrimination are worth fighting for by placing inferior values of importance for the forms of discrimination not being fought for…

There’s so many more concepts that I wish people could understand, so I’ll briefly summarize some of the ideas/concepts that I wish people could understand. I wish people could understand what this world be if was based on cooperation rather than competition. I wish people could understand that it’s not a matter of who’s the best or who is better but instead a matter of personal preference or taste. I wish people could understand the value of the human soul rather than obsess about the skins of a soul’s body in regards to looks/stereotypes/discrimination. I wish people could understand what it’s like to feel unconditional love rather than the illusion of love (aka lust which involves showing off, impressing someone, pick up lines, flirting, jealousy games, etc). unconditional love goes deeper than the physical world and lasts forever; lust only goes skin deep or is based on physical aspects that don’t last forever. I wish people could understand that it’s more important to have a purpose rather than goals. I wish people could understand the joy of doing something that makes them feel good rather than how good they are at doing something. I wish people could understand how much damage ego/power. I wish people could understand what it’s like to be truly who they really and true to what’s in their hearts instead of living in denial and lying to yourself and others by pretending to be someone else…and too many more life lessons to list.

About Adria
there are too many aspects to completely describe or show who I am, so I’ll just touch on some aspects about myself in regards to gender identity… I tell people that I boycott purses and high heels…I carry a duct tape wallet that I made myself with tennis shoes. I’ve worn a dress with men’s swim suit trunks. I’ve worn a nut cup before to see what that feels like. I tend to be tomboy in nature. some traditional female hobbies, I hardly do or am not known for doing those things such as cooking, sewing, shopping, etc. My mind is more so mentally like a male ( but like a female as well) in the “traditional” sense of gender roles and identities….for instance, I’m better at math than I am at language. However, I don’t wish to be identified with my 23rd chromosomes. I wish to be identified as a soul, a spirit, or an individual with a human body…not a male or a female with a soul. This tends to be the way of society in many aspects beyond gender. They notice the physical body and hardly ever really see the soul inside of it. I sometimes say that humans are like “Christmas” or “birthday” presents. Many people look at the wrapping or judge a present by how beautifully it is wrapped (wrapping = the physical body) rather than opening up the present to see the real beauty of the gift inside (the human soul) for what it really is. I wish more people would realize this concept and not value a person’s worth on the skins of their physical body rather than the actual soul, their essence or who they really are as individuals. Just like artwork, I look at strangers as a blank canvas. I know nothing about them, so why paint myself a picture of a stranger that I’ve never met with the usual stereotypes based on their skins. In order to avoid discriminating/ stereotyping/ assuming who they are, I try to wait to get to know the person before I paint a picture…who knows if the picture is ever finished however. Perhaps, it’s never finished like the Mona Lisa, because souls infinitely never stop growing and changing over time…

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  1. Anonymous

    First of all, I am honestly so surprised nobody had commented on this profile. Second, I think everything that was said is absolutely amazing and that this is such a beautiful way to look at people in general. It is kind of dissapointing that no matter what, most people in society will treat you differently based on the skin you’re in. I really wish that people would know me as somebody that draws strange pictures, or that person who laughs way too much, or literally anything about my personality… but instead everybodu I know describes me based on the differences in how I look from any ‘normal’ person. There are a lot of people who claim to know me so well, but they won’t even know the most basic things about me or want to get to know me.
    And about unconditional love, it is the greatest thing that you can ever have for anybody…. and I’m not just talking about romantic relationships, I have unconditional love for so many of my family and friends. Sadly, I don’t believe that my heart is good enough to have unconditional love for everybody in my life… if I ask myself, will I still love them even if they change or do something that I really won’t like, sometimes the answer is, ‘hopefully’…. it’s one of the things that I have been trying to improve on myself recently. This is because of realized that someone I am close to doesn’t have enough unconditional love to accept who I am in terms of gender identity, when they really should love me regardless. Changing the gender I have chosen to identify with in order to better my connection to society doesn’t change anything about my soul. In terms of my soul, I will always remain the same… and someone who has unconditional love for me needs to accept and love me regardless of anything. I feel that I have almost unconditional love for many people in my life that have damaged me in the past… and I hope that soon I will be able to understand and forgive them so that I can have that love towards them. I feel like I need to know that they truly love me before I can truly love them.
    One of the things that I adore about this website is that everyone who contributes to it has such personality. When I read through comments and profiles on this website, I usually don’t know what the person looks like because it doesn’t matter. We are here to express ourselves, relate to eachother and help one another… and I cant be myself without judgement very much in my life so I’m glad that I have this place to help me figure out who I am and to connect with other people


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