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You can call me… Mel (although, some of my friends call me Michael. It’s an inside joke.)

I identify as… A crazy, nerdy, synesthetic, music-loving, introverted male(trans).

As far as third-person pronouns go, … He/him/his pronouns are much appreciated! :)

I’m attracted to… All genders(or lack of gender). I’m pansexual and demiromantic.

When people talk about me, I want them to… Use correct pronouns, respect my identity and hopefully not call me a dick(even though that kinda makes sense, given my gender and all).

I want people to understand… That being trans(or any other gender for that matter) is NOT a choice and that people are people, regardless of their identities. Unless they identify as a penguin. Then they’re a penguin.

About Mel (although, some of my friends call me Michael. It’s an inside joke.)
I am a 15 year old transgender male. I recently came out to my mom, and she’s been mostly supportive. I know it’s hard for her, but it still bothers me that she doesn’t use my preferred pronouns, or really make an attempt. And she hasn’t ordered my my binder yet, even though I had enough money and gave it to her to order one about a month ago, but whatever. Greg, her boyfriend, doesn’t seem as supportive though. He’s kind of a jerk, actually, but he’s not bad all of the time. I have a good group of friends who have helped me as I discovered who I was and came out. One of them, who identifies as pangender, has been my “mentor” when it comes to orientation and gender identity. They were pretty much the only person to help me during the period of time when I wasn’t “out”. Nyx, if you’re reading this, I just wanted to say thank you and you’re awesome! Also, my friends Alexia and Jay have been a huge help. If you guys see this, just know that you’re awesome too! Honestly, it’s kind of a miracle that I filled this out, because I often feel very unmotivated and tired. Not sure if it’s due to my insomnia, depression, or a combination of the two. Oh well, it’s no big deal. I don’t really care if I end up staying up late, sleeping through my alarm, and missing the bus, because it means I get to miss school. Well, the first little bit of it anyways. My mom’s boyfriend comes home from work around nine, so I only miss first period and part of second, but yeah… Anyways, I realize that I’m rambling now, so I’ll go. If you have questions, or just want to talk, my email is

Have a good day/night/morning/evening/noon and stay who you are, because you are the only you, and you are awesome! :)

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