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You can call me… Whatever you’d like

I identify as… I don’t really know if I “identify” at all.
I’m biologically male, and I accept that, but I’ve never “felt” a gender one way or another.
So, agender, I guess.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … What does it matter what you use when referring to me when talking to someone else? As long as you both know who you’re talking about, the pronouns are doing their job. I don’t really care.

I’m attracted to… People who are loving, accepting, and cute (and preferably have a penis).

When people talk about me, I want them to… Be honest and not fear the repercussions of the truth.

I want people to understand… Humans have a need to sort, label, and group but there is much more to truth than can be found by imposing restrictions.

About Whatever you’d like
I’ve been going nameless for about three years now; allowing others to choose what they want to call me.
I try not to label myself and don’t define myself by those that others give me.
I have hopes, dreams, and aspirations like anyone else but, truly, all that I wish to be is “me”.
So much stress is caused by trying to be “something” – I take pleasure in the joy of simply being.

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  1. Bee

    I love this and have fought categorization as well. My default, due to trauma, is present male, hiding behind the curtain of gender (using my height and body shape to leverage the prospect of male violence to my own defense against cis-men’s threats and posturing) it left me feeling a forgery, because those patterns of behavior and dress were defensive and not expressive. I turned 30 recently and came out to my dad a few weeks before (to calls of damnation and rejection) my heart doesn’t speak with a hope for an identity but rather the chance to have integrity. Sidestepping classification and therefore division, I think you are treading a healthy and affirming path. More power to you, may you receive love and not labels.


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