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I identify as Androgyne and Genderfluid and I bind at times and have recently started to consider packing. (I don’t want to be male as I feel very androgynous, if I’m pushed leaning a little more towards the female side).

Where can I get a really small packer from so that it wasn’t too noticeable that I was packing? I want to be VERY discreet about it and I only really want to use a packer so that I know I’m doing it if that makes any sense?

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Posted by on February 19th, 2016 at 08:00 am

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  1. Imp

    I recommend the x-small Mr Limpy packer. It’s generally described as a gag gift, but as someone who likewise doesn’t want a large packer, this is brilliant.
    Tips for using it – flatten it in a pile of books when you first get it to get the phallus pointig down instead of out. Also, it’s very sticky. You can dust it with cornflour or talcum powder – but I find that it fits perfectly into a folded foot sock (also called footsie or ped socks).


  2. Chloe

    I have the x-small Mr. Limpy, and for the price (you can get it for like $12 on PinkCherry) it’s fairly decent as a starter packer. Heads up though–you totally get what you pay for. The cyberskin material isn’t all that durable, and mine, which I’ve had for a few months, is starting to show signs of wear and tear. But! it’s a good starting point.
    If you’re able to spend a little extra, I’d recommend the Extra-Small Archer or Pierre from New York Toy Collective. It’s $45, and the total length of the packer is the same as three quarters laid out in a row–so, a pretty teeny weeny. They’re made of 100% silicone, come in 4 different skin tones, and there’s a circumcised AND and uncircumcised option. Based on the reviews, people seem to recommend this packer for pre-teens. So, if you’re looking for just a little something to fill out those undies, I’d say give it a shot!


  3. Anonymous

    Use a bunched up sock.. it’s free as fuck and barely noticeable with a loose pack.


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