Question: Should genderqueer people apply for free binder programs?

Ellie/Eli asks…

I’m never sure as a poverty stricken genderqueer person if I’m eligible for some of the free binder programs I’ve seen. I want a binder – I have serious dysphoria on my male days – but they tend to say they’re for transmen only. I don’t want to take anything from my transmen bros – at least I feel comfortable in my skin sometimes – but I also feel really hurt by my physical state every time I’m a male with crazy huge breasts. What are your thoughts?

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Posted by on July 25th, 2016 at 08:00 am

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3 Responses to “Question: Should genderqueer people apply for free binder programs?”

  1. Anonymous

    I would think it’d be okay. I feel like when they say that, they’re thinking not so much for people who are cosplaying or something like that. For priority they should be for people struggling with body dysmorphia, even if it’s not 24/7.


  2. Anonymous

    Be honest about your situation and let them decide?


  3. Matt

    Go for it.
    If your male days come like, once a year or something, it might be less hassle to simply bind in some other way. But as someone who has bound for years in said “other” ways: it’s frickin hard. I have occasions where my breasts don’t bother me; but they do quite consistently. As a trans* dude, I’ve got no qualms. I just went for it.
    If your breasts cause dysphoria, seriously just go for it. Binding makes it so much better.


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