Question: Trying To Be Fem at Seven A.M.

Joel asks…

I am gender fluid. Slowly (but surly) coming out to people. Over the summer I decided to take some big leaps, such as cutting 16 inches off of my hair and donating it. And then shaving one side. I love the hair cut, especially how on my more masculine days I can flip it and look like a flipping male model.

My parents are really liberal (Thank the god I don’t believe in) so I know that when I come around to coming out to them, it’ll be no big deal. So that is not what I am here to ask about.

Seeing as I am gender fluid, some days I feel girly. But with short hair…. well, lets just say it would be cool if I could switch the length at the snap of a fingers every now and then.

I know of plenty of ways to look more feminine on my feminine days, but it all takes a lot of effort. I don’t do well at waking up on time for school the way it is. Let alone 2 hours early for make up and clothes. So what this really long rant really comes down to, is if anyone know of some really easy, quick ways to look more girly with short hair when I have 10 minutes to get out the door and can hardly stand?

Please post your response in the comments below.

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5 Responses to “Question: Trying To Be Fem at Seven A.M.”

  1. nola

    – Jewelry. just chuck it on and go. Whatever you like that’s sparkly and colorful.
    – JUST ONE makeup element, like lipstick. smear some on and leave. [or eyeliner, or eye shadow, whatever you like that’s simple that you can do fast]
    – pick out your outfit the night before. that way when you get up all you have to do is throw it on. don’t waste time trying to make decisions in the morning, trust me. if your gender changes suuuuuper rapidly and you’re not sure what kind of gender you might be feeling when you get up, set out a couple options. [like the same pants, and 2 shirts, or something.] that way even if you have to make a decision it’s a SIMPLE one
    – related: streamline the rest of your morning as much as you can so that you can get a liiiittle bit more time for femming up [but seriously there’s no need to spend 2 hours on makeup and crap]
    – yo, there is a way to make your hair instantly longer, and that is to wear a wig. I have no experience with wigs though so for all I know it’s not something you can just chuck on. [also, money]
    – i also rock a side shave and sometimes if i’m feeling extra femme i wear a little scarf or a headband to kinda cover up the shave, which makes it look like I have more hair, which is more feminine
    – a good source of femme style inspo is’s fashion columns
    yours truly -fellow morning hater


    radical/rebel replied:

    THANK YOU for all your femme genius, nola! this is awesome. :-)

    always excited to see ways that people find to make more beauty in the world.

    radical fashion, radical genders,


    nola replied:

    you’re welcome. go get ’em. [ugh but not too early ugh ugh]


    XylophoneGender replied:

    <3 this whole thread fills me with warm and fuzzies :)

  2. Anonymous

    Wigs are good too :)
    I know a lot of them are expensive but with a little digging on websites like you can find some longer wigs for only 30-40$ and shipping is free (at least it is from Then all you have to do is sweep back your hair, slap a wig on, and bam- perfect long hair! And with synthetic heat resistant wigs they keep their shape after you wash them so you don\’t need to worry about restyling them every time you wear them (or ever really). Hope this helps!


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