Surgery without T in Germany

LordValdi asks…

Hello. (Here is the excuse for bad English)

I’m a fifteen year old person from Germany. I say person, because I had much confusion and denial with my gender identity. I came out in my school as a ftm, but now I am questioning.

It’s not that I want to be female, but that I feel somewhere else in the spectrum, like agender for example.

My therapist isn’t a great help and since I’m desperate I wanted to ask for advice here.

The main problem is, that here in Germany you can’t undergo any surgery at all without

1.Straightly identifying as male/female
2.Going on T.

Transsexuality is seen as a disease here, and if you identify as anything else, it’s seen as unnecessary to get any medication.
Not that these identities aren’t respected, they sure are, but for people like me, who experience (for example) breast dysphoria, it is kind of a problem. I own a binder, but it presses to strong on my heart, where I have health problems (more below).

I could simply go on T and get the surgery later on, since I came out as ftm, but that (for now) just feels wrong, like a betray to the community even. Also Testosterone would be a danger for my health, since I already have a disease to be taken care of, not to mention all the side effects of the medication I am taking.

In 2017, there is supposed to be a change in law, that changes the law around seeing Transsexuality as a disease but right now my main goal is to get breast surgery, and nothing else. For years I just want them to go away. But how can I get surgery here?

Is this a question anyone can answer?

Please post your response in the comments below.

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4 Responses to “Surgery without T in Germany”

  1. kaberett

    Hallo! Kennst du Sie sind voellig unterstützend und zwar echt nett.

    (Und tut mir Leid wenn ich fehler gemacht hätte, hab Deustch als Muttersprache aber bin in England aufgewachsen und nie genug geuebt! Hoffe aber, dass eine Antwort auf Deutsch zu kriegen ermutigend ist.)

    Viel Glück damit. ♥


  2. Anonymous

    I hope you are able to wait to see if the law changes in your favor. I do not know anything about the laws in Germany, but perhaps this is an option:

    Has anyone in your family had breast cancer? If you have certain genes, you may be able to get (what is called in English) “prophylactic bilateral mastectomy” — doctors remove your unwanted breasts to prevent you from getting breast cancer in the future.

    Since you are uncomfortable in lying about your gender, I would understand if you are uncomfortable lying about your main reason for removing your breasts.


  3. xxx


    erst ma ne positive nachricht: ich weiß von leuten, die auch auf nem nicht üblichen weg ne mastek (also die brüste weg operieren) lassen haben. zwei personen haben, meiner Meinung nach auch ohne hormone zu nehmen, ne op gehabt/steht noch an. ich weiß auf jeden fall auch von leuten, die sich auch nicht ftm positionieren und gern ne mastek hätten (ich zum beispiel auch ;) ), bist also auf keinen fall alleine damit :) wir sind einige ;) lass dich nicht unterkriegen, ja?

    liebe grüße, M


  4. Niels Jansen

    Many Danish transmaskuline persons, binary and non-binary have had top-surgery at St. Josef-Hospital, Troisdorf (Dr. Kampmann, dr. Ebert). They do not require you to be on T if you selfpay. You need to be 18.


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