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You can call me… Gryffin! Yes, like the mythical beast, I’m kind of a nerd. Fuji and the nickname Fuzzy are also cool!

I identify as… Nonbinary, somewhere around Demiboy. It’s confusing!

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I like the sound of He/Him and They/Them. You could also call me Sir, and son, but with other categories I like being more neutral; if I were ever in a romantic relationship, I’d want the other person to refer to me as their Datemate.

I’m attracted to… Friends! I like a good pal who I know well before it gets to that stage. Gender doesn’t matter, although their sexuality and level of comfort/discomfort with dating a person like me is highly considered, and I’d never force anything.

When people talk about me, I want them to… See me more for my current interests, like lizard catching and drawing, than for what I’ve done in the past.

I want people to understand… Misgendering someone, even as a brief word, can really ruin someone’s mood. Please stop saying “right this way, ladies!” when you don’t know whether someone in the group you’re referring to might not be a “lady.” It also bugs me when “he/she” comes up, because it’s easier to just say “they” and it covers so many more groups of people.

I also want people to understand that being my gender is not my choice. It’s not some edgy rebellious phase, and admittedly, I’ve googled “how to be cisgender” a lot in the past, and been really disappointed when every result was saying that you shouldn’t try and suppress. It took a friend abandoning me before I finally realized that I should try and accept myself. It’s still hard, especially being a christian with mostly all Christian friends, but despite still being mostly closeted I feel I’ve grown a bit as a person.

About Gryffin! Yes, like the mythical beast, I’m kind of a nerd. Fuji and the nickname Fuzzy are also cool!
I like the critters that few other people like. Cockroaches and lizards are my best pals! I also draw a lot! I’m insecure and mostly closeted, but striving to get better!

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