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You can call me… An Agender Potato. Just kidding, let’s do Sam.

I identify as… In case you couldn’t tell, an ADHD-cursed agender couch potato who likes to roll itself with a blanket on the floor so it becomes a burrito. Or a strange nerd who is weird and apparently smart and funny (I couldn’t tell if they were joking) and always sarcastic.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I prefer ‘it’, but because my parents don’t know about me coming out, I’ve just stuck with ‘she/her’ (congrats, you now know I have a vagina .-. )
But honestly, I don’t want to risk the bullying so I’m just hiding in my closet with a bag of chips.

I’m attracted to… I love anyone who is near-ish my height (5′ 7″) and who has a nice personality. Must be humorous. I also love pretty eyes! <3

When people talk about me, I want them to… say nice things! ;-;
And maybe actually care about me since most people only use me for help with math. And remember my gender but don’t treat me oddly.

I want people to understand… I’M HUMAN! And just because I’m pansexual does not mean I have a crush on you (facepalm). Also, just because I call you a friend doesn’t mean I don’t secretly have a crush on you (wink!). Lastly, I’m me. If you don’t like it, fuck you.

About An Agender Potato. Just kidding, let’s do Sam.
IMMA POTAYTO! (misspelling on purpose there, folks!)
Okay I don’t actually like potatoes but y’know, sometimes you need something quirky to use to make you sound as weird as you are. I’m more of a celery person ;)
And I’m kinda ugly but I think I make up for it inside. Hence the lack of ID picture XP

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