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I need help. I’m a 15 year old biological female and have gone by that all my life but for the past couple of months I’ve been questioning my gender. I’ve been doing research and I think I may be genderfluid. Even long before I questioned my gender, there would be days where I felt way more boyish and days where I felt more girly than normal but most of the time I just did my own thing. But now that I’ve looked into it, I’m more confused than ever. I’m trying to keep track of it but it becomes very frustrating, especially when most of the time I don’t feel particularly any way. I’m also fine with just using female pronouns, but haven’t experimented with male or neutral pronouns. I’ve also seen demigirl and think I could be that along with fluid but I’m not sure if that makes me “less” fluid. Could I just be a girl who’s overthinking this? I honestly don’t know.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey there! It’s perfectly valid to feel fluid. I know from my own experience there are periods of time where I question whether I should choose a more binary identity because it’s a difficult place to be outside of the realms of male and female. Whatever gender you feel fits you is the perfect descriptor for that day. It’s tough for others to understand sometimes as they adjust to the shifts in expression, but you know you best! Some days I don’t feel like I have a gender at all until someone genders me and I’m reminded that it’s a pervasive thing in society. It’s taken a long time to be confident to just be me and feel comfortable with my ever-changing feels about my gender, but I finally feel secure in expressing myself. It’s definitely a journey!


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