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Profile: James

You can call me… James

I identify as… a geek. By sex, male (I’m waiting on that Y chromosome). By gender, me.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … He, his, him, but anything that isn’t feminine will suffice.

I’m attracted to… Beauty. Trainwrecks. Puzzles I can’t solve. Butch, femme, gay, undefined; anything in between. I like people who can like me.

When people talk about me, I want them to… think of me as a person before anything else. Also to tell me what they say. I can take it.

I want people to understand… that we’re not all made to fit in the little boxes; that I am capable of changing my mind; that I don’t always get it right; that I prefer an honest question to false understanding; that ‘adorable’ is possibly not the compliment you meant it to be; that no, I’m not twelve.

About James
Born in Miami Beach, raised in Santa Cruz, transplanting to Boston. Will someday be a successful writer. Is currently a starving artist. Really, he just wants to be loved.

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Profile: Jordan

You can call me… Jordan

I identify as… some awkward, grumbling experience with ink stained lips and fingertips, metal in various created orifices and the desperate tickling concentration on being content with the fact that I truly have no gender preference. I am a gender warrior, stumbling carelessly through stereotypes while upholding the mannerisms of a Gentleman of the Society.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … “Hey kid!” works just fine. Pronouns aren’t the biggest of my concerns. Some people just aren’t familiar with gender fluidity, a willingness to learn…now that’s my biggest concern, if not, “I say good day.” I do however, at times become fairly disappointed when I’m walking around dressed in the style of an early 19th century English paper boy and I open my mouth to speak and my voice is high-pitched…maybe I should start carrying around those voice synthesizer/changer thingies…that way I can also be an alien or a robot with the click of a button!!

I’m attracted to… -people with words.
-people who don’t care too harshly about gender-who just want to be themselves and LIVE. I find when people worry so much about labels, they sometimes begin to project this strange and forceful censorship…not ok.
-Those excited about the “minuscule” things; grass, parks, redwoods, sitting on the sidewalk and making friends with strangers, etc.
-mind-expanding humans
-Trans people
-Gender fluid people
-crust punks
-awkward, geeky people…please do tell me you’d like to co-op on a Call Of Duty MWF2 mission with me!
Polyamorous people.

When people talk about me, I want them to… Look up, speak nicely and don’t twiddle your fingers. Turn out your toes, curtsy, open your mouth a little wider and always say YES…YOUR MAJESTY!

Just kidding. Lewis Carroll was pretty cool.

Ummm…stay calm and don’t freak if I don’t seem all that interested, girls make me nervous. I’m the shy kid sitting in the back of the class with the constant frog in his throat.

I want people to understand… we are all the same species. Humans…I mean…*looks around*

About Jordan

I am currently in a heated affair with words. I love weird stats and morbid facts. I maintain a pretty chill existence, my excitement is living. I am always up for going out to dance-take me dancing, I’ll love you forever. I am a fan of observation. I am brutally honest and annoying. I have a ton of glitches in my circuitry. I am, at the moment, teaching myself humility, patience, kindness and tranquility; learning self-preservation, self worship, to love thy neighbor and celebrating my unbirthday. I love cupcakes and colors!

I always adore those who can prod the passion within me, for I am a very passionate soul. My family is my everything-anything, anything, anything for them. I can be an open book depending on who wants to read.

Don’t tell me who I aim to be…I don’t even know that, I’m simply on my way there. When I love, I love hard, it usually hurts me most in the end, but I always open my heart again, no regrets, you’re my cocoon, trust me on this.

[i illustrate][i write][i model][i create][i destroy.][i have opinions][i enjoy simplicity][i enjoy complexities][i am strange indeed.][iamcolorblind]i am covered in skin. no one gets to come in. pull me out from inside, i am colorblind.


Those are my public profiles. I’m willing and open to befriend and get to know people.

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Profile: Alexander

You can call me… Alexander

I identify as… male, or recently, genderqueer tranny boy.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … male pronouns fit me best.

I’m attracted to… what aren’t i attracted to? femininity, butchiness, sweetness, boldness, funniness, acceptance.

When people talk about me, I want them to… see me for me, not the female that is physically represented there, nor the male that only makes up a fraction of who i am.

I want people to understand… that i’m human. not a gender or a stereotype. i want them to know that a person goes beyond pronouns or sexual organs.

About Alexander
i’m fifteen, and people say i’m too young to know this much about myself, i just say that you’re never too young to know who you are. i’ve never been myself, truly and comfortably, until recently. i’ve never before been able to look someone in the eye and say with confidence that i am truly happy with myself. thank god that’s changing.

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Profile: Jayden

You can call me… Jayden or Jay

I identify as… a pansexual androgynous pre-everything transmasculine genderqueer guy.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … Male pronouns please. May branch out to female pronouns again in the distanct future and may branch out to other pronouns like ‘ze’ and ‘hir’. But until then just male pronouns would be accepted.

I’m attracted to… Mainly feminine and androgynous people. Guy or girl, cis or trans or intersex. I like intelligence and the ability to make me laugh.

When people talk about me, I want them to… realize that I do care about what they say and I just want to be accepted as any other person would be. For who I am rather than what I may or may not be.

I want people to understand… Female-bodied or not I am a guy. To a point I consider myself genderqueer but I feel that I need to be perceived as male because deep down that’s who I am. I’m not bothered if people mess up pronouns as long as they are accepting of who and what I am. And even if I am a guy that doesn’t mean I can’t like things that are stereotypically for girls.

About Jayden
I’m currently sixteen, soon to be seventeen in September of ’10. I’m an artist in more ways than one and love helping people. I’m out to less than a bunch of people about my gender identity but that doesn’t stop me. Self made male, and proud to one despite only coming to terms with myself recently. I’m loud, quiet, patient, easily excited, and very loyal. To be honest I’m just a big contradiction.

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Profile: Pink Earthling

You can call me… Pink Earthling, Pink Unicorn

I identify as… Myself. Human. Androgynous. Undefined. Unidentified. physically male, ambiguous in mind.
I have my days of ‘maleness’ and ‘femaleness’ …or whatever it is you call those things. I wake up and I put on some eyeliner, my skinny jeans and v-neck t-shirt. All I aim for is beauty. My beauty.
I identify as an individual – as another branch of this world. As a star, surrounded by many other iridescent souls seeking for a light that is not their own. I seek for my truth and my alchemy. I seek love in all I do. I identify not as a fighter but a revolutionary in my own small way.
Treading, breathing, tracing the steps and opening the path to myself, to you.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I am okay with being called whatever. Just as long as it is not done in a derogatory manner. Call me ‘he’ or ‘she’…’hir/ze’, but never an ‘it’. I am not ready to go that far to be comprehended, neither am I an object.

Some people easily jump to the conclusion that it is all the same. Yes, language is slightly flawed and words fall short when it comes to captivating the essence of our defined or undefined selves… so I leave it up to them, most of the time to determine how they wish to perceive me.
Nothing right or wrong, simply how their mirror reflects me.

I’m attracted to… People like myself. People who are original in their way…who are not afraid to push, pull and break the lines that cut through our flesh every single day. People who are not frightened to fail for an instant and get on their feet again, after having tasted the ground and their blood.
I am drawn to sincere, spontaneous and true human beings, not carbon copies…not spit images of their parents, the previous generation.

When people talk about me, I want them to… See me for more than just my outfit, my physical attributes and behold my intellect, my spirit. I do not appreciate it when they brush me off because I could not possibly understand what it means to be like them… because I come off as too fem, too soft or too ‘pretty’ and self-absorbed.
Pardon me if my presentation bothers you and cracks your preconceptions… not.

I want people to understand… That when you cut me you sever my love towards you. When you condemn me, you send thousands to their doom… when you turn your back on me, because you do not know me, you have shed innocent blood. I want them to understand that their world is not black and white, strong or weak… but complex and wondrous.

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Profile: Frankie

You can call me… Frankie, but for simplicity, my given name Ruth works fine. but I’ve been trying to get people to call me Francis since i was 7. I’m finally, very slowly, convincing my friends to call me Frankie. its andogynous enough to make everyone happy.

I identify as… a polysexual/soul-sexual, Genderqueer boi, Comic book Geek, punk rock wanna-be-god(dess), oxymoronic Relativist-Christian, whose mind tells the christian brain cells to get stuffed anytime the topics of gender, sexuality or marriage come up in thought or conversation with people outside of my imagination.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … Female are fine, they’ve worked for the majority of the past 21 years. but the odd masculine ones tell me I’m doing something right. I love it when the old men that come in to buy their morning coffee call me “son” or “sonny”, even though my name-tag says Ruth. but i feel kinda sorry for them when they see my name-tag and have to back-track and apologize. it’s hard to explain to 70 or 80 something people that i chose to live outside the gender binary.

I’m attracted to… human-beings. guys, girls, in-betweens. kind-hearted people with intelligence and creativity. people i can feel emotionally safe with.
Strong women (more boi than butch, but they gotta have a feminine side too). Feminine guys (but if they start acting like the girl in the relationship it’s gonna be the end of the relationship, just ask my last boyfriend Ben)..

When people talk about me, I want them to… know who i am before they speak. if they have questions and curiosities they should be speaking TO me, not ABOUT me.
if they wanna talk about me as a musician, go ahead. as a procrastinating slacker Anthropology/History student, well, that I’m accustomed to.
if they wanna talk about my clothing choices, behavior, gender, sexuality, or my religion, they can get stuffed and catch the next express bus to Hell and stay there till they’ve learned their manners and stepped into the 21st century.

I want people to understand… that my opinions are not formulated out of hearsay and fiction, but from my own experiences and beliefs. they aren’t meant as insults or attacks on another person’s religion or opinions. I just like honesty. my Christian friends are slowly getting comfortable with my blatant anti-christian beliefs, I’m sorry, but evolution did happen, if you wanna believe in Creation, then YOUR God is a monkey. mine’s a non-corporeal omnipresent spirit that forgives, not punishes, just because i chose to disagree and be different. He created me, whatever becomes of me is his plan and not completely my fault.

About Frankie
21 years old, still figuring out where i fit into this world. I’m a musician, writer, artist and student. majoring in both anthropology and history, with a minor in First Nations Studies (no, I’m not native). after this I want to go into education, because I wanna Change the world (even if it is just my little corner of it), and the only way we’re going to create a better future for anyone and everyone is to start with children and youth. and because if I had had a teacher like me, I would have been way more open to be honest to both myself and those around me. growing up being “the tomboy kid” and being mocked for having short hair isn’t the most fun childhood/teens I can imagine.

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Profile: Salem

You can call me… Salem

I identify as… Pansexual Genderqueer

As far as third-person pronouns go, … Female pronouns always.

I’m attracted to… Feminine men, Feminine women, masculine women whom may appear either feminine (more psychologically masculine) or more butch (both psychological and physical).

When people talk about me, I want them to… Just accept me. Understand that although I am different and have “tastes” that they may consider taboo, I’m not an abomination… I’m no more of a “freak” than they are.

I want people to understand… That I want to be able to express myself without being an outcast.

About Salem
I was always a “tomboy” growing up, then started doing all the guy stuff in dresses and make-up. I would get grounded from skirts because I “didn’t sit lady-like.”
If you saw me on the street, you’d just think I’m merely an average girl (in a general sense). Spend a few minutes with me… well, you’d almost think I was a male trapped in a females body. I’m so much more than that even…since middle school I’ve struggled to define myself.
In highschool I’ve had two trans friends, one I talked with everyday and he really got me thinking. I didn’t know the term pansexual a year ago, and I’m relieved that at least I’m not alone, I’m so not alone there’s a term for me.
It seems like even my boyfriend thinks I’m purely joking when I say “I don’t think I’m a chick… I’m a guy or something.”
I’m confused right now, but hopeful.

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Profile: Kat

You can call me… Kat

I identify as… pansexual gender-fluid

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I would prefer to be speaking a language where it’s not an issue, such as Finnish, where there’s only one third-person pronoun to use. Since I don’t live in Finland, however, for the sake of convenience I go by female pronouns.

I’m attracted to… Feminine men, mostly. Personality over physicality, though.

When people talk about me, I want them to… …not define me by my perceived gender. Yes, I am biologically female and don’t consider myself trans. That doesn’t mean I should be expected to act like a stereotypical girl. I have a very “masculine” personality, but still, that’s not a definition of “me”. I am not defined by male or female, I land somewhere comfortably between the extremes.

I want people to understand… Nothing’s black and white unless you paint it that way yourself. It even goes beyond shades of gray; don’t colorblind yourself and miss the differences between one person’s yellow and another’s green.

About Kat
Jewelry artist, dancer, singer/keyboardist.

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Profile: Carson

You can call me… Carson

I identify as… A female “tomboy lite”

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I’d be surprised, but not at all insulted if someone used male pronouns for me. I’d rather appreciate it. I don’t really mind one way or the other.

I’m attracted to… Tomboyish women and effeminate men, generally. Not too far toward either gender role. Intelligent, goofy, genuine people.

When people talk about me, I want them to… joke about my gender the same way they joke about any other aspect of my personality: because it’s part of who I am and they love it.

I want people to understand… that the gender binary isn’t really fun for anyone. There are more than two kinds of people, and most can’t be summed up by M or F. Have fun with diversity.

About Carson
I’m a Myers-Briggs ENTP, the Innovator. I’m not a big risk-taker; I’m probably too prudent for my own good, but you probably wouldn’t guess it until you knew me better. I’m a Unitarian Universalist. My favorite type of vacation is camping, by far. And I’m still figuring myself out.

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Profile: Jonas

You can call me… Jonas! (exclamation point optional)

I identify as… A happy, heterosexual transman.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I prefer male, but I try not to get offended when people use female ones.

I’m attracted to… women willing to have lengthy discussions with me about Harry Potter and music. And kind smiles, they make my insides all warm and fuzzy.

When people talk about me, I want them to…

I want people to understand… how much happier and more comfortable I am with myself now. I also want people to understand that I’m not abandoning my past, it just feels amazing have a present and future to really be excited about and look forward to.

About Jonas
Jonas was born and raised in Southern California. Upon moving to Virginia for college, he saw his first snowfall and has almost conquered his fear of thunderstorms. He spends most of his free time playing music and making lists of things he’ll never remember to do.

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Profile: Kendall

You can call me… by my name, Kendall.

I identify as… pansexual, queer, cisgendered girl.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … as girlish as they go.

I’m attracted to… female masculinity, male masculinity, transmen, butch lesbians, dykes, androgyny, intersexuals, my husband.

When people talk about me, I want them to… speak softly and sweetly in case they have to swallow their words.

I want people to understand… that things are fluid and shift. That just because I’m feeling like a super femme girl today, that doesn’t mean that wearing the same thing tomorrow I won’t feel like I’m in drag. That just because I married a man doesn’t mean I’m a heterosexual woman perpetuating binary stereotypes.

About Kendall
I love wearing heels even though I’m 6’2. I feel like wearing makeup and dresses is putting on my gender every day. Sometimes I like that I can pass as a hetero girl and other times I hate that people can’t see that it’s not that simple. I love when people see that I’m a little queer.

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Profile: Soulless Hipster

You can call me… Soulless Hipster

I identify as… a human being that can’t identify as anything other than very, very queer. I think the last time I tried, I came up with man-hating pansexual; before that it was asexual lesbian.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I like “that sassy asshole.” I honestly don’t mind being called he, him, she, they, her, or even it.

I’m attracted to… green eyes, androgyny, and cleverness

When people talk about me, I want them to… not label me. I can’t even think of a label for myself!

I want people to understand… that gender is not black and white, it’s a whole rainbow. Just because I have breasts and menstruate, I don’t classify myself as female. Gender is fluid and beautiful in all it’s identifications.

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Profile: Spooky

You can call me… Spooky

I identify as… A gothic Homoflexible lesbian. Crossdresser or femme. A lipstick dyke. A PRINCE

As far as third-person pronouns go, … Her or him depending on what I am dressed as.

I’m attracted to… Women for relationships. Sex based on what I feel like. I love femmes that I can protect and take care of. Men that I can use as the male population used me. Only one man I actually care about. Women.. I am your Prince

When people talk about me, I want them to… Understand what they say when they say it. Not to be judgmental and think they know me if they don’t. Not to make assumptions about me and yes their opinions can affect me.

I want people to understand… I am autistic. I like girls. I am me, I am myself. I will be who I want to be. I am a nice person but can be offended. People make mistakes. You get three with me.

About Spooky
Hi, you can call me Spooky. I am pleased to meet you. Um.. I hate these ‘about me’ parts. You got my interests there. I am not only loving, I am intellectual, flirty, romantic and dominant. With girls I prefer to wear the pants. I am not really looking for a full relationship right now. What I need is friends who understand and who I can be close with. I am what I would like to call a ‘lipstick dyke.’ I like to be boyish but not overly rugged and perverse. A gentleman and a lady all in one. I have my girlie times and then my dykish times and finally when the full ‘man-sona’ comes out. Higher Functioning Autistic. I hope you can understand and help me to understand you. My weakness? Blonds, smaller girls.

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Profile: Krishnaa

You can call me… Krishnaa (or Krish)

I identify as… Guy. Dude. Boy. Man.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I prefer masculine pronouns, but I’m okay with either. I don’t look particularly masculine (my mother runs a tight ship and tries her hardest to make sure I look “respectable”) and have since given up trying, but I like to be acknowledged as a guy as far as personality goes.

I’m attracted to… Everyone. Guys, girls, hermaphrodrites, trans, genderqueers, etc. I have a tendency to go for people who are kind of ambiguous.

When people talk about me, I want them to… Quit with the special treatment but be courteous.

I want people to understand… That my outward appearance isn’t the formula for my personality. Gender isn’t an equation. We all have our combinations and I’m not trying to take the place of something I’m not.

About Krishnaa
I’m a writer who’s just trying to figure things out as they go along.

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Profile: Magdelyn

You can call me… magdelyn

I identify as… transcendental idealist tranz explosion (or just transcendental tranny).

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I don’t care.

I’m attracted to… big beautiful black men; drunk women who are shamelessly inappropriate; lonely people; the disabled; losers; the disenfranchised; the despised; sex offenders; punks (in the late 1970’s, early 1980’s presentation) and older men who express traditional notions of masculinity.

When people talk about me, I want them to… be shocked by my audacity.

I want people to understand… I am who I am. I won’t apologize for not fitting into the gender binary. Nor will I apologize for not fitting into some queer theory category. I won’t conform my opinions to make you feel comfortable. I don’t care about your ideology, nor your cultivated indignities. If I offend you, “fuck you.”

About Magdelyn
Maggie is a self-hating, self-destructive, profoundly lonely, stupid broad.

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Profile: Treyvon

You can call me… Treyvon or Trey

I identify as… FTM aka A Real Boi

As far as third-person pronouns go, … He, Him, His… all the masculine pronouns

I’m attracted to… attractive people, mainly women by physical attraction, but all kinds of personality

When people talk about me, I want them to… remember me for my determination, my intelligence, my crazy temper, my goofy ways, but once you know me well you understand that all the attributes that define me are under the huge umbrella of LOVE

I want people to understand… I’m easygoing, chill, love to have fun and make people smile. I respect everyone as they respect me and I love people! But don’t take me as a fool with my pants on the ground.

About Treyvon
I’m just me, someone wanting aiming to make dreams come true and live life as it should be lived… freely. Know me and love me for what’s inside of me and I’ll do the same. Outside, just remember my smile.

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Profile: Luna

You can call me… Luna

I identify as… a Kinsey 5 completely cisgendered female trying to be the best ally I can

As far as third-person pronouns go, … she/her

I’m attracted to… “Pleasantly plump” pretty ladies. And the odd willowy-yet-muscular boy

When people talk about me, I want them to… not dis me

I want people to understand… I came here looking for information. I’m trying to write a novel that includes a genderqueer mother/son duo, and I wanted some concrete facts on what it would be like to be them. I found nothing of what I thought I wanted…instead I found such a wonderful array of humanity experiencing things that I could never imagine people go through and feel like. And all I can do is cry and thank God that I’ve discovered this beautiful piece of creation. I want people to understand that I want to be an ally. I want people to understand that I accept them.

God, I hope this is allowed. I feel like a tool already. T-T

About Luna
I was bullied as a kid for wearing outdated clothes and glasses, and for reading a lot. When I got older I was harassed for not hiding my sexual orientation. Then my (now) ex-girlfriend, who was abused by her own mother, turned all that emotional abuse on me. Most of my dearest friends have suffered abuse or experienced a profound loss.

I want the hurting to stop. I want to stop the hurting.


On the lighter side, my passions are art history, comparative religion, musical theatre, Tarot, jewelry, and astrology.

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Profile: Courtney

You can call me… Courtney

I identify as… Genderqueer

As far as third-person pronouns go, … She, he, or sir

I’m attracted to… Tattooed and pierced men and women. Sarcasm, intelligence, and humor

When people talk about me, I want them to… not be afraid to call me by what they see. I don’t want people to worry about hurting my feelings because I want to be described by what they see instead of what they think I’d like to hear

I want people to understand… I am a very understanding and caring individual regardless of how I dress or carry myself. I am just me. Take it or leave it :)

About Courtney
They call me Courtney. :D
I am 23 and work as a body piercer. I’m very easy going and generally a happy person. I care deeply about the feelings of others and am constantly moved by acts of compassion and love. <3

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Profile: Ben

You can call me… Ben or Rubyben

I identify as… a boy mostly, and sometimes even a man on a good day. Female. Possible fop, occasional transvestite (read: red lipstick, blue eyeshadow, little black dress), sometimes womanly with certain individuals but never with the public.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I wander. From strangers I want masculine or ungendered, but sometimes for myself my female body makes me feel qualified for “she,” especially when I’m speaking to feminist causes.

I’m attracted to… womanly (not generally feminine, but perhaps graceful or maternal or something I identify as womanly) men, confident and sometimes manly or masculine women, transvestites, unusual ways of moving, muscles.

When people talk about me, I want them to… drink martinis.

I want people to understand… that all our politics and struggles are happening with the aim that people can be confident and empowered in themselves and their communities, and just feeling that way openly about who we are is powerfully political. Doing well for ourselves and each other is the ultimate protest against sexism and the heteronormative.

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Profile: Seth

You can call me… Seth, but I go by Tamworth on some circles of the Internet.

I identify as… Slightly genderqueer FTM, a bit of a femmey man, vaguely bigender, an anti-macho, feminist boy. A subculturist, a square, a freak, a dorky geeky nerd, a believer in life, a fuckin’ badass. Korean-American. New Yorker. Queerish. Capricious and precocious. A joke. Protective. Martial artist. Whovian. A Time Lord! Teenage. Weirder than you think. But generally chill.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I’ve gone by female pronouns for my whole life, so I don’t mind if you slip up, but since I’m trying to present as a boy I’d prefer male.

I’m attracted to… Theoretically I don’t care for specific genders, but I find myself liking girls way more than boys. The boys I like tend to be Johnny Depp or the Doctor or twinky genderqueer femmey ones. The girls I like are many and varied and basically attractive, though how I really don’t know. If I like someone I’ll analyze it later, after I finish staring at them and fanning myself and wiping the drool off the floor. But piercings (but not too many!), colored hair, a lack of bitchiness, respect for others, good musical taste, an appreciation of Whovianism, non-judginess, and an ability to take yourself less seriously than I’d expect are all things I like – both in friends and objects of affection.

When people talk about me, I want them to… Please don’t, it’s kind of awkward. If you want to ask me questions, sure, cool. But don’t rely on other people’s perceptions ‘cos that’s jacked up, yo. And don’t call me a girl. Girly-ish, sure, I get that (even though it relies on goddamn stereotypes, eurgh.) But nix on the labelling me as female.

I want people to understand… Gender goes like this: *does a dance* wooooEEEEEOOOOO, EEEEEooooeeeeee, EEEEEEEooooo. Like a spectrum-y thing, except wobbly, and it doesn’t apply to everyone, and if you care about it too much it’s not as fun as when you run around on it and do your own thing. But if your own thing falls on one place on the spectrum you can have tons of fun too. Just, well, do your own thing. And no elitism, because christ on a bicycle that’s annoying.

About Seth
If my gender was a color, it’d be octarine. I do hapkido, read Terry Pratchett with a fervor bordering on obsession, listen to music across multiple genres, and despise physics with my very soul. I curse too much, eat green apples a lot, watch vast amounts of Doctor Who, and shout at televisions. I have awesome parents who are chill hippies. Nobody thinks I look Korean for some reason. I love cities and urban areas and the sheer New York-iness of New York. My hair is short and spiky and I spend massive amounts of time and hair gel on it to make it stand up, except you cannot see it because I have my motherfuckin’ fox hat on my head in the picture. Nobody catches the motherfucking fox. (And if you understand that reference, you get pie. :D)

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