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Recommendation: Flying Cups & Saucers

Joss/Ame recommends…

Book cover of "Flying Cups & Saucers - Gender Explorations in Science Fiction & Fantasy".

Flying Cups & Saucers
A science fiction anthology book

I found this gem of a collection whilst wandering through my university’s library — in particular, the few shelves tucked away on the seventh floor containing science fiction anthologies by women and queer people… The short stories it contains are all winners of the James Tiptree, Jr. Award for science fiction and fantasy that explores the boundaries of gender and sexuality. Some are old favorites like Ursula K. Le Guin’s “The Matter of Seggri”, while some I had never heard of before and instantly fell in love with, like Eleanor Arnason’s “The Lovers”. All of the pieces play with gender roles and expectations in settings at once fantastical and exquisitely human. If you like speculative fiction, I would highly recommend this book.

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Recommendation: Miss Gender

Ashley recommends…

A person in orange socks, white-red striped trousers, an orange shirt and brown hair holds a rainbow-colored umbrella and is swept by the wind.

Miss Gender

My friend Jay and I started a video podcast called Miss Gender about my transition (I’m MtF). I’ve been contemplating my gender identity since I was 13 or 14 and, now in my 30s, I’ve started to get my head around the idea that I’m trans.

On the show we talk about things like how I came to realize I’m trans, coming out to my parents and other family, and mulling over how to handle things at work.

Our show has both a video feed (iTunes or not) and an audio feed (iTunes or not).

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Recommendation: Two-Spirit Poetry

Cecelia LaPointe recommends…

There are a few poems on my website that I thought I would share.

I identify as Gender Non-conforming, Genderqueer, Androgynous and Two-Spirit (Niizh Manidoowag — in Anishinaabemowin). I love genderfork!

The Androgynous Man In Brown Pants

I’m sittin’ at the end of this dock,
I’ve walked this way to find my beginning,
The boards of this dock creaking,
As I am the man,
The androgynous man,
With a cigarette hangin’ outta my mouth,

Today I am wearing brown pants,
Black t-shirt,
Flannel shirt in the truck,
Tomorrow I wear jeans,

These people keep passin’ through here,
Keep on passin’ through,
Going somewhere better they say,
Gotta get out of this place,

To some hippie idea of community,
This ain’t going work for me – the working man,
I wave my hand at em’ in disappointment,
Ain’t got time for thinking why these people don’t care,

This hippie idea forgets about the struggle of people like myself,
Residing in towns like Manistee,
Some “progressive” who turns their nose up at this place,
“Oh your from Manistee” in a derogatory tone,
Blinds closed,
Too much of an eyesore,
That town stinks from the pollution,

Keep on going I say,
Wave em’ away,

I am the androgynous man in brown pants,
Reminiscing about the days of family get-togethers,
Hot summer days,
Playing “redneck” horseshoes as some yuppie would say,
But they are just horseshoes to me,
I own this and I ain’t got no shame,
Eating watergate salad,
Thinking about the power lines towering over us in this Hazel Park backyard,
Just a few blocks north of 8 Mile Road,

From the D to the Stee to KBIC,
Don’t belittle,
Don’t be mean,
Bright minds,
Bright hearts,
Get tossed aside near the railroad tracks,
We pick up the pieces,
Mend our families,
Mend our souls,

Ya see I am the androgynous man in brown pants,
Driving the rusted old Chevette,
To a rusted old Ford,

There is always something better,
I try to make all of this work,
A heavy heart like a ball of iron,
Heavy heart from the generations,
Heavy from this identity,
Existing in this body,
Existing in this skin,
Gender deviation,
Equals community alienation,

And I ponder all of this,
As the androgynous man in brown pants,
In a woman’s body,
Here at the lake,
Watching her ways.

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Recommendation: Empowermentors

Jaye Johnson recommends…


Empowermentors is an uber-active, supportive collective and its Facebook group’s quite lively. According to its founder, it’s open to: “Trans/Disabled/Queer/Femme Hackers of Color.”

She goes on to say, “The Empowermentors Collective is a skillshare, discussion, and support network for intersectionally marginalized people of color with a critical interest in technology and media hacking.”


“Also, we currently have many online groups– an email listserv, irc channel, facebook group, and also google+ … I also try to crosspost things between tumblr, twitter, diaspora,, the facebook page, and google+ page, so that people have a choice of where they engage.”

Check them out on their website or on facebook.


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Recommendation: Gender Book

Aubri recommends…


Gender Book
digital book

This digital book is like a gender 101. It would be very helpful to start the conversation with someone who doesn’t know anything about gender. It’s also very affirming to browse for someone who is gender non-conforming in one form or another. I also like that it’s open access and they encourage people to download and distribute it.

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Recommendation: Attention: People With Body Parts

Lexie Bean recommends…

Line drawings in many colors of many body types.

Attention: People With Body Parts
A book and letter campaign

“Attention: People With Body Parts” commenced as a drive to collect letters from folks who have written to one of their body parts. Our bodies are filled with histories and identities, which change the way people look at each other and look in the mirror. Together, we self-construct and self-destruct our bodies. This project is about accessibility of control, celebration, and space for connection to and from body parts. This project is about establishing safe spaces for anyone who has been told or forced to believe safety is not something he/she/ze/they can find within the home, the body.

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Recommendation: Petition to legally recognize non-binary genders in the US

JR Baldwin recommends…

Petition to legally recognize non-binary genders in the US
A White House petition (an important first step)

This is an important first step to mainstream recognition of non-binary gender identity, not necessarily about changing policy outright.

It’s about creating knowledge for the average person around this issue. If the petition reaches 100,000 signatures, the White House must respond. Even if their response is not constructive, it is still news and will be reported in the news.

This is a first step to creating a common language and awareness around non-binary identity, and the narratives that emerge from the news reporting around the issue will be powerful.

When the issue is better known by the average person (especially mainstream LGBTQ*), directly contacting lawmakers to change policy will be effective and more heavily addressed, leading to actual change.

Editor’s note: This petition is still running till April 20, and so far has obtained ninety percent of the signatures needed!

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Recommendation: Red Without Blue

Harrison Bender recommends…

Film poster of "Red Without Blue"

Red Without Blue
A documentary!

It’s a documentary about a pair of twins as one transitions from male to female!

Editor’s note: Click on the photo to get to an official free online stream.

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Recommendation: Sexing the Cherry

Arca recommends…

Book cover of Jeanette Winterson's "Sexing the Cherry", illustration by Olaf Hajek

The universe of this book is where any queer can find a good home, a place to hide away in. You’ll get lost between the lines, you’ll never think of time the same way again.

The only way you can identify a person in this book is by their name. Sex and gender are irrelevant. Sex and gender are relevant. Sex and gender are skewed and warped and spat out in a way that makes so much sense.

You’ll feel good after reading it. You’ll feel validation, you’ll feel smarter, you’ll become more inquisitive. Maybe you’ll feel less lonely. Just read it. It’s an experience.

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Recommendation: Bootleg Poems

Selena Anne (but Andy works, too) recommends…

Bootleg Poems and Poems from Big Pink
Two books that have poems and photos that have something to do with transgender exploration

Here is a whimsical, yet serious, poem from my book:


In Siberia
there is a tree
that oozes satin
Russian cross-dressers
make the arduous journey there
to pray and bathe
in its glory

One day
a man in angelic drag
cried out,
“There is no satin tree,
it is a fake”

“Pay no attention to him,”
said a soldier
in black bra and matching tap pants,
“his stockings have runs,
his wig is in tangles,
and his wings are made of cardboard”

“Still we must investigate,”
said a government official
in towering heels,
he took samples of the ooze
and headed back to Moscow

On his way back home,
the ooze seeped
out of his bag,
onto the streets,
underneath doorways,
and into master bedrooms

Even though
it was the dead of winter,
a strange joy
hovered over Moscow

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Recommendation: Adrian Buckmaster

Zac recommends…

Two people dressed up almost indescribably! Wearing skirts(?) made out of teddybears, for one.

Adrian Buckmaster

Really interesting photographer.

Note: some of the photos show (artful) nudity.

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Recommendation: Sweden to abolish gender?

Two older but still fascinating articles:

Someone recommends…

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of such a public, nation-wide discussion of gender. I don’t think I agree with everything they’re trying to do, but -damn- it’s inspiring that they’re taking gender equality so seriously.

Ricky recommends…

I read this and thought of everyone here. The Swedes have introduced a gender-neutral pronoun to their language so people no longer have to use ‘han’ (he) and ‘hon’ (she).

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Recommendation: Queer of Gender

Lynx Sainte-Marie recommends…

A square, diagonally cut, with the top left in black with white letters "Queer" and the bottom right in white with black letters "of Gender"

Queer of Gender is a tumblr site for marginalized & multi-issue folks with nontraditional gender identities & expressions.

There is a lack of gender diversity in the mainstream that looks to only show certain points of view when it comes to gender diversity. Moreover, when gender outside of the norm is affirmed, it is white-washed, able-bodied, colonized, documented — seemingly “acceptable” representations of what we should be & not what we see ourselves as.

So QofG showcases profiles and selfies from those who are queer/trans*-identified, intersex, genderbenders, genderfucks, crossdressers & all those in between who are people of colour, disabled, Aboriginal/Native, undocumented, immigrants, who have mental health concerns/illness and all other communities living with oppression.

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Recommendation: On Being Different

Tarvok recommends…

*On Being Different*. -Tarvok-. Summary: Mr. Spock's advice on being a part of two worlds, yet accepted by neither one. Vaguely based from advice written by Mr. Leonard Nimoy a long time ago. I live my life by this, and I thought maybe that I would share.

On Being Different
A short narration, a fanfiction.

I think this advice might be able to help people. It’s about being in-between two worlds, and maybe what you can do to be happy there, rather than always trying to be one thing or the other because other people wish you’d just “pick a side.”

It’s helped me immensely, so I thought I’d Pay It Forward.

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Recommendation: Troubling the Line

Tim Trace Peterson recommends…

Book cover of "Troubling the Line". It shows a person spinning fire at night.

As far as we know, this is the first-ever anthology of poetry by trans and genderqueer writers! “Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics”, edited by TC Tolbert and me (Nightboat Books, 2013) gathers together a diverse range of 55 poets with varying aesthetics and backgrounds. In addition to generous samples of poetry by each trans writer, the book also includes “poetics statements”—reflections by each poet that provide context for their work covering a range of issues from identification and embodiment to language and activism.

You can order the book at Small Press Distribution.

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Recommendation: Queer Young Thing

Anonymous recommends…

Queer Young Thing: Genderqueer episode
A show’s episode on genderqueer people

I found this great episode of an Australian show about queer youth on the topic of being genderqueer. I especially liked that it talked about finding connection, resources, and acceptance.

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Recommendation: Aussie genderqueer vlog

Alistor recommends…

Aussie genderqueer vlog!
Vlog on youtube

I found this person’s vlog and it was really helpful. They are Australian, like me! And a non-binary/genderqueer trans* person who also identifies (I’m pretty sure) as a butch lesbian.

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Recommendation: Guys with Fancy Lady Hair

Someone recommends…

"Guys with Fancy Lady Hair"

Guys with Fancy Lady Hair
Before and After Photos

I had to share this. I love long hair. There is something magical about all kinds of men who are not afraid to express themselves in gender non-conforming ways — and they have long hair! Enjoy.

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Recommendation: Beauty Queens

Someone recommends…

The story begins as a simple one, a plane full of contestants in the Miss Teen Dream beauty pageant crashlands on a seemingly deserted island. The girls must now learn to survive with each other while either holding on to the competition or building a community. Things get more complicated as the girls explore themselves (and each other) in the context of their new found freedom.

The enchanting story is set to a background of satirical footnotes, “commercial breaks,” and sponsor’s notes. The book, like everything else in the dystopic society the girls left, is sponsored by The Corporation.

An overall great read from an overall great author.

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Recommendation: True Colors

Emmett recommends…

A crowd of young people in a big lecture/theatre hall.

True Colors
National LGBTQQIAA youth conference

Have you ever felt alone? Like you are the only one who will ever understand how you’re feeling? Well, you aren’t. And True Colors can show you that. The annual True Colors conference takes place in the University of Connecticut, Storrs, this year March 21 & 22. It is a truly amazing experience for anyone of any age, and any gender (or lack thereof). Four years ago, it helped me realize I was queer, and find a label for what I was feeling. Now it is helping me realize my feelings on gender. It is a wonderful educational resource, not only for young people, but for families. There are workshops on everything from safe sex and gender neutral sex education, to understanding LGBTQQIAA terminology, to salsa dancing. The conference experience can be whatever you want it to be, but one thing I promise you is that it will be fun, life-changing, and liberating.

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