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Welcome: A Statement of Intention

Dear Passersby,

Welcome to Genderfork! This is a new blog — please add it to your feed reader and make yourself at home. Within this space, we’ll be exploring androgyny and other gender intersections. My name’s Andi*, and I’ll be your host.

I have two personal goals for this project:

  1. To compile all of the genderforking resources, imagery, and ideas that I come across on the web into one beautiful repository. I want to experience a sense of cohesion with these concepts — they all too often feel scattered and disparate.
  2. To encourage a conversation around the grey areas of gender with friends, with strangers, and with strangers who need to become friends.

…because I think we can all agree: Gender is a loaded word.

In some communities, it is sacred territory — we are assigned a gender at birth, it is a given, and there’s just no need to discuss it after that, thankyouverymuch.

In some communities, it feels under attack — we are assigned a gender at birth, and then some people take it upon themselves to change their genders, and then we feel very embarrassed when we don’t know what pronouns to use.

In some communities, it is Play-Doh — we are assigned a gender at birth but we recognize that it’s a flawed system, and so we turn it into a malleable and fluctuating medium for expression and try to have fun with it.

(This is an oversimplification, I know, so I hope you’re still following me.)

Sometimes, these communities have to interact with each other, and that often involves anger and pain. I know this because I am a member of all of these communities. And I hope that all of these communities will feel welcome here.

I want to help humanize this conversation. I believe connections break down community walls and create new spaces for growth. Because of this, you will see a lot of photographs of faces and bodies here (most of them blogged via flickr with respect for copyrights). Some will be beautiful. Some will be uncomfortable. All will be real people with real lives and real stories to tell. You’ll find that I am more interested in experience than academics. I like to look people in the eye.

So I’m just gonna set up shop here, at this fork in the Gender Road, and see who passes by. I do hope you will come join me for a glass of lemonade, a conversation, and some lovely people-watching. Really, it’s a beautiful day to be inspired — you can’t argue with that.

And I am glad you’re here.

Much love,

* The truth is out. My real name is Sarah.

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