Wanna get in touch? Here’s how…

If want to talk to me about your Flickr photos, it’s best to go through their system so I can verify that you’re the same you. Just send a FlickrMail message to Genderfork.

Email works well. Please use sarah at genderfork dot com to make sure I don’t lose your message in my many other inboxes.

I’m a big fan of Twitter as a way to communicate under an identity without giving away your email or IP address. Go ahead and add @genderfork (I’ve got the system set up to add you right back), and you’ll be able to contact me via direct message. Please note, I’m also twittering from @sarahdopp, but I don’t add people back on that account unless I know them.

You can send messages to me without identifying yourself in any way through the Think Out Loud form.