The Genderfork Team

Genderfork is maintained by a team of volunteers who are pretty freaking awesome. You should meet them…


Sarah Dopp
Sarah started Genderfork in September 2007 just for the heck of it, and was shocked at how many other people immediately loved it. Sarah also blogs at Dopp Juice, mumbles daily on Twitter, and hosts San Francisco’s Queer Open Mic. She works as a freelance website developer, and lives in San Francisco.

You can reach Sarah at sarah at genderfork dot com.

Managing Editor
Gwen Smith has spent nearly two decades on the Internet, forming the Transgender Community Forum on America Online back in the mid 1990s, and fostering the Remembering Our Dead project and the Transgender Day of Remembrance. Her weekly column, Transmissions, runs the Bay Area Reporter and other GLBT publications.

You can reach Gwen at editor at genderfork dot com.


Volunteers Coordinator
Emma lives in the smallest state in the union, where she likes to walk around without her shoes on, cook for her friends, draw dragons and sing songs. You can find her writing, recipes and pictures at

You can reach Emma at volunteering at genderfork dot com.

jazz hands small
Volunteer Emeritus
Adisson is a 21 year old college kid with a penchant for writing fragmentary works. He runs amok in Portland with his lovely girlfriend.

Adisson is rather busy these days, but continues to help out when he can.

Volunteer Emeritus
Helen is an ordinary, boring, 50-something, white, middle-class transsexual (trans) woman; based in London and trying to hold down a job in IT support as she builds a life that feels more like hers and less like one she was camping out in until something better came along. She’s curating the Genderfork Tweets, her blog is at bird of paradox, and she also guests at Questioning Transphobia.

Helen’s been twittering this stream of content.

Photo Curator, Gender Heroes Writer
Erica enjoys thinking like a boy, fighting like a boy, and loving like a boy, but only looks good in skirts. When not writing for Genderfork, she muses about gender, tech, and other geekery on her Tumblr.

Erica’s been blogging these photos as well as these biographies.

Volunteer Emeritus
Booda is, was and always will be a natural resource for awesome. When not being Awesome for Genderfork, Booda is awesome in these other places: LaughingBooda Productions and The DBFM Foundation.

Booda works behind the scenes to prep content for our quotes and twitter feed.

Video Curator
XG is a big queer-hearted queer who enjoys bright colors, power tools, carving out a place for other non-cis people in the nerdier segments of corporate America, and being in love with another big queer-hearted queer.

XylophoneGender’s been blogging these videos.

Volunteer Emeritus
Julian is a university student in the larger Bay Area studying Feminist Studies and Art. Julian was “Quotes curator” from January 2009 to June 2011. They are currently acting as an advisory to the Genderfork Discuss team.

Julian’s been blogging these submissions from our “Think Out Loud” form.

Volunteer Emeritus
Kate is a sparkly mountain of joy in the shape of a 19-year-old girl. She loves to write songs on her purple ukulele, do improv, hula hoop, & beat robots at Scrabble. She has a Flickr, a Twitter, a Facebook, a Formspring & a Tumblr.

Kate’s been blogging these profiles from our “Define Yourself” form.

Dana Morrigan
Dana Morrigan
Curator at Large
Dana Morrigan was conceived in a short story by a latent genderqueer English professor in 1991 and was born at the San Francisco Queer Open Mic in July, 2008. She performs in a dizzying array of genres, and tickles people’s brains on Twitter under the name IdentityTBD.

Volunteer Emeritus
Zory is a lil’ queer elf who spends her days doing crafts, riding bicycles, blogging, taking photographs, eating sushi, and working as a web administrator. She is a strong advocator of high-fives, self exploration, and American Sign Language.

Zory’s been blogging these submissions from our “Recommend” form.

Larz (aka AgentRusco)
Photo Curator
Larz, aka AgentRusco, is an introverted fellow, a possessor of a yet unused undergraduate degree, an ostensible writer, a rapacious reader of science fiction, and happily genderqeer, using no pronouns at all. However, masculine is the preferred default when necessary. Larz’s writing can be found at Be the Change, with photos and videos also floating around the web.

Larz has been blogging these photos.

Volunteer Emeritus
Alice is a 21 year old XY person from England who spends most of her time devising investigations into the neurochemical nature of gender. When not buried under books she can be found haunting the more trendy parts of London. She presents a delightfully odd mix of gender and neuroscience on her tumblr.

Alice has been blogging these submissions from our “Ask” form, as well as keeping the rest of our posts (mostly) error-free.

Tumblr Curator
Mars is a Canadian high-school student who tends to go through many rapid name-changes. Ze loves food (but not bananas), photography, books, film, indie music, and though ze is currently much too uncoordinated to figure it out, would one day love to learn how to ride a bicycle. You can easily contact Mars at life-onmars at live dot com, and if you can quote Spring Awakening or anything written by Chuck Palahniuk, you’ll be an instant friend.

Mars has been reblogging like crazy over at our Tumblr feed.

Submitted Photos Curator
Riley\Lee is a busy gentleman working towards his masters in psychology. While free time is few and far between, he can often be found on his couch catching up on netflix, playing with his demon dog Lane, or deciding how else to limit his almost non-existent free time. Feel free to stalk him at

Riley\Lee has been blogging these submissions from our “Submit a Photo” form.

Recommendations Curator
xMech is trans, gender-variant, and queer, and goes by ‘he’ or ‘they’. When he’s not taking black and white photographs, he’s usually got his nose in an interesting book, or is busy eating incredible foods while listening to great music. xMech also loves masks (of all kinds). You keep up with them by blog or by twitter.

xMech has been blogging these submissions from our “Recommend” form.

Photo Curator
Alex is a twentyone-year-old Linguistics major who can often be found ranting incoherently about Homestuck and Sherlock at his blog on Tumblr (which, unfortunately, must remain hush-hush). He is gradually learning the art of fending off cat attacks while simultaneously writing research papers. He likes punctuation and caps lock and having emotions at fictional characters. He also maintains a rather rambly Twitter feed (@cumbersuffix), if that’s the sort of thing that floats your boat.

Alex has been blogging these photos.

Tech Admin & Recommendations Curator
Tigr loves food physics nature books landscape hanging out with one person at a time cooking dreaming music being genderqueer. =)

tigr keeps the site backend working & makes sure everything runs smoothly, fixing typos, bugs, and anything else which isn’t quite right.
Tell us if there’s any feature missing which you’d like to see!
tigr has also been blogging these submissions from our “Recommend” form.

Profiles Curator
Fummeltunte is a 23-year-old genderqueer who lurks around Seattle, writing, skateboarding and working in tech. Ze knows a little German and is a total book freak. (My favorite author right now is Phillip K. Dick.) You can check out some of fummeltunte’s musings on writing and queerness over at Pacing Space.

fummeltunte has been blogging these profiles from our “Define Yourself” form.

Photo & Twitter Feed Curator
Vlad does social media analytics for a startup in the Boston area, but recently has discovered a passion for gender diversity and genderqueerness. He (you can use other pronouns, too!) volunteers for Genderfork on the Twitter and photo ends, and loves to apply his social-media-fu to promoting a more gender-variant world when he can. In his spare time, Vlad writes poetry, fiction, and ramblings at

Vlad has been blogging these photos and publishing on our twitter feed.

Volunteer Emeritus
Merritt is a Canadian graduate student currently living on the west coast of the US. They wrote a master’s thesis on gender and public bathrooms, and spend a lot of time thinking about and studying trans and queer politics, hackers, and video games. Find out what they’ve been working on lately, or say hi on Twitter.

Merritt’s been blogging these submissions from our “Ask” form.

Submitted Photos Curator
Kat is an apprentice alchemist at a large Midwestern university, where they spend the majority of their time working and trying to make sense of metallic things. When they are not thus occupied, they enjoy a good story, eating out with friends, looking at pictures of cats, and working up the courage to dress more androgynously.

Kat’s been blogging these submissions from our “Submit a Photo” form.

Quotes Curator
Freiya lives on the south coast of the UK, where she spends most of her time taking photographs, going to gigs, making delicious cakes and, when the weather is good, sitting on the beach just relaxing. She can be found on twitter and photographing (with an occasional bit of blogging) on her Tumblr.

Freiya’s been blogging these submissions from our “Think Out Loud” form.


If you’re interested in joining the team, send Emma an email at volunteering at genderfork dot com and let her know where your interests are. At the moment, we’ve got all our bases covered, but you never know when we’re scheming something crazy and new…