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We post a photo a day on Genderfork. If you'd like submit one to us here, please go ahead and do so below. Here are some tips…

  • We look for high-quality artsy photos that tell an interesting story about gender within the photo.
  • We strive to be mom-friendly, stranger-friendly, and newbie-friendly. To help with this, we look for photos that feel friendly, warm, and inviting.
  • We're also a site about gender, and we try not to make it about sexuality. So even though they're totally hot, we really don't want your nekked sexxxy pics. (See also: "mom-friendly.")
  • We try not to run more than one or two photos of the same person. (There are so many beautiful people out there!) So if you've already appeared on the site, please go take some pictures of your friends.
  • If you've got a huge stack of photos that you want us to see, please practice restraint and only send us your top two or three faves. We have real human volunteers processing these submissions. Be gentle.

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  • For legal reasons, you must be age 13 or older to contribute to Genderfork.
  • You're agreeing to let us hold onto the info you're submitting here. We'll only use it to manage your submission or contact you with questions.
  • We may publish what you share here on Genderfork or related projects. We might also edit it first.
  • We don't publish everything we get. Please don't take it personally — there are lots of reasons for this.
  • Please make a conscious decision about how anonymous or identified you want to be. It's completely up to you. You know how the Internet works.
  • Genderfork is about understanding, communication, vulnerability, and appreciation. Please avoid expressing anger — it's just not what we're going for here. There are lots of forums for that elsewhere on the web.
  • By submitting this photo, you are swearing that all of the info you provided about it here is honest and complete to your knowledge.


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