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If you've ever had to deal with people making wrong assumptions about your gender identity, then your voice belongs in the Genderfork Profiles. Just fill out the form below and tell us how it is.

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Profiles often take a few weeks to appear on the site, and right now we're really limited on how many of our submissions we can run. Thank you so much for your patience. (More on this.)
NB. We are short on 'plain' photos (without all the question-answers, though still with a short blurb), if you want to consider submitting that instead!

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"a genderqueer polyamorous goth."
"I prefer 'ze' and 'hir'."

"please use the female ones when you describe me."

"feminine men."

"intelligence and wit."

"focus on my personality rather than my gender."

"realize their opinions can affect me."

"most people don't fit gender norms."

"I'm not offended by their mistakes as long as they can be nice about it."

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  • For legal reasons, you must be age 13 or older to contribute to Genderfork.
  • You're agreeing to let us hold onto the info you're submitting here. We'll only use it to manage your submission or contact you with questions.
  • We may publish what you share here on Genderfork or related projects. We might also edit it first.
  • We don't publish everything we get. Please don't take it personally — there are lots of reasons for this.
  • Please make a conscious decision about how anonymous or identified you want to be. It's completely up to you. You know how the Internet works.
  • Keep in mind that this profile is a snapshot in time. You can send us new ones in the future, but you can't easily update this after you submit it.
  • Genderfork is about understanding, communication, vulnerability, and appreciation. Please avoid expressing anger — it's just not what we're going for here. There are lots of forums for that elsewhere on the web.


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