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Recommendation: Black Widow Bike Works

Re recommends…

Black Widow Bike Works
Custom Motorcycle Shop

Montefusco said she’d faced opposition from the moment she graduated the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Arizona, where she was laughed at for applying for a job at Harley-Davidson because she was a female. Even when she landed a job the company, Montefusco said she didn’t get a workbench to use.

“I worked on the floor, on my hands and knees, for the first four months,” Montefusco, 30, said. “A lot of the guys didn’t even talk to me.” She left the company after she was told she’d never make it as a mechanic, and started her own business, Black Widow Bike Works, in Toms River. After three years of working long days in a rickety building trying to convince people that she could do top-notch work, Montefusco decided to give up her dream and pack it north. But then her girlfriend pushed her to give it one more shot.”

Check out more of this story here.

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cal/callie recommends…

410bc is an awesome company! No matter what your gender presentation, you can always find something.

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Recommendation: LesbianDad Swag

XylophoneGender recommends…

I <3 my lesbian husband.

LesbianDad Swag
Pro-gender-variant-family clothes

Polly Pagenhart’s blog, LesbianDad, is fantastic & insightful on its own and the kids are adorable.
The clothes LD’s selling to defer costs aren’t in themselves incredibly special when it comes to the cut & composition, but the messages rock.
FYI: LD has a story in Confessions of the Other Mother (for your reading pleasure).

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Recommendation: American Apparel

rackoo recommends…

American Apparel
a genderplay-friendly clothing store

American Apparel has the best genderqueer clothing of any chain. All of their clothing is either unisex or “women’s,” but that’s just a recommendation of course. They show most of their clothing on both female and male models, and a lot of their models are very androgynous.

This (above) is my favorite marketing video from any company EVER. It’s titled “unisexy.”

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Update: Some readers have expressed disagreement with this recommendation. See the comments on this post for the discussion.

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