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Recommendation: In a Bind

XylophoneGender recommends…

Banner for "In a Bind", the logo looks like a ball of blue, red, purple, and magenta wool. Part of TransActive Education & Advocacy; their logo consists of four puzzle pieces in the same four colours as the wool.

In a Bind
Binder Exchange Program for Youth

Several binder exchange programs limit recipients to binary-identified guys only. In a Bind doesn’t. On their eligibility page, they state that their program is “for trans-masculine and genderqueer youth suffering from gender dysphoria resulting in discomfort about their chest.”

The program is focused on the USA, but they encourage youth from elsewhere to contact them for recommendations in other countries.

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Recommendation: My recent posting in “The New Male”


My blog promotes designers and creators of unconventional fashions for men. I also hope to encourage fellow-males (no matter what their sexual orientation may be) to wear skirts, high heels, jewelry, and other garments traditionally considered too “feminine” or “inappropriate” for men.

I think Genderfork readers would enjoy many of the images I’ve posted, so I’m inviting you all to pay me a visit.

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Recommendation: Dapper Queers

RMDavison recommends…


Tumblr Page

This is a wonderful collection of photos of dapper genderforking individuals. I have a feeling this will be my one of my new favorite pages in the very near future. I’m think I’m already hooked!

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Recommendation: Keen Shoes

Phoenix recommends…

Keen Shoes
Shoes and Accessories

I like Keen shoes because they have a lot of androgynous styles in all sizes. Some shoes run wider than average, but they don’t offer wide sizes.

Feel free to check them out! And please share any shoe brands you know who offer non-gendered shoes – bonus if they come in wide sizes!

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Recommendation: Future Shock

Mars recommends…

future shock

I put this link to this through the photographer’s site, not the brand’s, because that’s how I found it, and I wasn’t sure whose idea the shoot was. Basically, Future Shock Collective is a new clothing line / brand centered in South Africa but mainly selling in Europe that’s launching its first line shortly.
Chris Saunders shot the first images of this line (which I think is absolutely gorgeous) and decided to shoot both the men’s and women’s lines on a very androgynous-looking female model. And she definitely rocks the suit.

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Recommendation: Rad Hourani’s Unisex Line

Britni recommends…


These are hip, casual designer clothes meant to be worn by anyone and everyone! It’s amazing to see someone in the design world, especially at the higher end of the industry, doing something that really breaks gender barriers. The clothes are modern, wearable, and totally cool.

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