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Labels are for Stretching

Here are 35 clever ways that readers “Described Your Gender Presentation On the Autostraddle Reader Survey

1. Stoner Femme, Gender Confused
2. Insufficiently organised to have a consistent presentation
3. Exhausted college chic/professional physics human
4. Uh. Librarian? What’s the one with no makeup and just regular clothes?
5. Whatever Brandi Carlile is
6. Glitter Queen
7. Fancy Pony Boi
8. Cozy femme
9. I just like docs and dresses ok
10. Hypermasculine camp
11. Softest of butches
12. Executive dysfunction closeted makeup-scared femme?
13. So uncomfortable
14. Femme in the Summer, Butch in the Winter: A Seasonal Fluidity
15. A small cluster of stars
16. 14-year-old boy
17. Leg hair don’t care but actually cares a lot
18. Sloth femme
19. Gay adjunct professor/goth librarian
20. Aunt Dad
21. Granola, self-sufficient, utilitarian, rural spinster
22. Laid-back lesbian farmer
24. Athleisure meets sea-witch
25. Comfortable baggy-clothed person
26. My girlfriend likes to (very accurately so) describe me as “pastel butch”
27. Bunny dyke
28. Muppet
29. Low Femme
30. Lab Chic
31. Geek? I don’t know, I’m wearing a Wonder Woman shirt and Mickey Mouse shoes, so make of that what you will
32. Exhausted
34. Lesbarian
35. This whole labeling thing is very American, isn’t it. I’m a woman who owns pants, chucks, skirts and mascara. Now what?


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Genderfluid Pronouns Necklace

Reposted from Save your Scissors.

“Gender isn’t a binary, and it isn’t always a fixed point either. We’d seen pronoun necklaces before and thought they were very cool and could be useful, except for one problem: they didn’t change.

This necklace is for anyone who is genderqueer, genderfluid, bigender, people in multiple systems where there is more than one gender, and anyone else who finds one set of gender pronouns to be inadequate for their self or selves expression. Flip the charms over to change which one is visible at the front, to let people know which pronouns you want used for yourself at the current time.

We used to offer pre-made sets of pronouns, but there’s no way for those to cover everyone! So finally, it’s here: PICK YOUR OWN PRONOUNS! :D”

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Wiggly Hand Gesture

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“so i’m filling out an application for this GLSEN thing and i just sort of…”

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Genderfork on Twitter

Genderfork on TwitterCheck it out! I just created a Twitter account for Genderfork. There are just so many amazing messages coming in from the Share form, I wanted to give them a broader outlet. So I’ll be posting a few quotes a day over there. If you’re already on twitter, please give it a follow.

And if you’re not on Twitter yet, and you’re reading this site to feel more connected with a supportive community, you might want to consider joining. It’s a great space for extended conversation, and you might even find some new pals among the folks who follow Genderfork.



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It’s holiday shopping time!

Trans-friendly massage therapist, Whitney Moses points out this great t-shirt by the nice folks over at Liberation Ink:


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Unisex @ Suas, originally uploaded by jaqian.

“A unisex toilet sign at Suas (Irish for Up), a trendy bar in Cork.”
(description provided by the photographer)

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Frosty Takes it Off

InterSex SnowMan, originally uploaded by Aria Mehr.


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