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Recommendation: Empowermentors

Jaye Johnson recommends…


Empowermentors is an uber-active, supportive collective and its Facebook group’s quite lively. According to its founder, it’s open to: “Trans/Disabled/Queer/Femme Hackers of Color.”

She goes on to say, “The Empowermentors Collective is a skillshare, discussion, and support network for intersectionally marginalized people of color with a critical interest in technology and media hacking.”


“Also, we currently have many online groups– an email listserv, irc channel, facebook group, and also google+ … I also try to crosspost things between tumblr, twitter, diaspora,, the facebook page, and google+ page, so that people have a choice of where they engage.”

Check them out on their website or on facebook.


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Recommendation: Gender Book

Aubri recommends…


Gender Book
digital book

This digital book is like a gender 101. It would be very helpful to start the conversation with someone who doesn’t know anything about gender. It’s also very affirming to browse for someone who is gender non-conforming in one form or another. I also like that it’s open access and they encourage people to download and distribute it.

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Recommendation: Attention: People With Body Parts

Lexie Bean recommends…

Line drawings in many colors of many body types.

Attention: People With Body Parts
A book and letter campaign

“Attention: People With Body Parts” commenced as a drive to collect letters from folks who have written to one of their body parts. Our bodies are filled with histories and identities, which change the way people look at each other and look in the mirror. Together, we self-construct and self-destruct our bodies. This project is about accessibility of control, celebration, and space for connection to and from body parts. This project is about establishing safe spaces for anyone who has been told or forced to believe safety is not something he/she/ze/they can find within the home, the body.

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Recommendation: Magazine

Lorainekv recommends…



Creative friends, here’s a new way to showcase your work! Magazine launched on January 15, 2014 and submissions are open year round. Neat! Check out the following press release to learn more about this great new literary platform. Magazine, an electronic publication designed to showcase queer artists without requiring queerness of content, releases their first issue today. Featuring authors including Laura Krughoff, Mandy Gutmann-Gonzalez, Sarah Maria Medina, Jonathan Mack and many more, this inaugural issue is 71 pages of both new and established authors and art-makers.

The Call to Adventure also features artists Hannah Brush, Krista Coppedge and an interview with Stefana McClure, whose work is currently on exhibit in the MoMA.

The queer community has already expressed a great interest in The Call to Adventure and the groundswell of support promises wonderful things to come:

“ is proof that queer writers have complicated, beautiful, and haunting stories to tell—and that even when they include queerness, identity is far from the whole story. The work in this issue is worth it for any reader, regardless of sexual orientation, and I can’t wait for Issue 2.” — Rachel Kincaid, senior editor for Magazine was founded by Alison Osworth and Sarah Hansen, the fiction and the poetry editor respectively. The Call to Adventure is available for free online at and also on Kindle or PDF for $4.99. For more information, feel free to contact Alison at

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Recommendation: Gender Fancy

Essej recommends…

Portrait shot of a person with a short beard painted orange with a hot-pink strip down from the nose, wearing a carnivalesque mask with glitter, beads, and lots of feathers. The colours are mostly yellow and hot-pink with some cyan.

“swamp lovin couillon in color”
Gender Fancy
Photo tumblr

Submit your gender identity & a photo of you embodying that identity in 5 words or less! Gender Fancy (like Cat Fancy) is a fun & creative way to challenge the heteronormative assumption that there are only 2 genders in the world. Contribute!

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Recommendation: We Pray

Andy Coate recommends…

A person with very short brown hair and glasses next to a church's stained-glass window.

I run a blog where I talk about Unitarian Universalism and trans stuff… and the intersection of the two, of course. On my blog stats page I can see what search terms people have used to come across my blog, and over and over I was seeing a repeating theme that, essentially, boils down to “Can I be religious if I’m trans?” One person flat out searched “Are transgender people allowed to pray?”

So I started a blog project, asking the ministers and lay leaders I knew to submit prayers, meditations, affirmations, or just general kind thoughts for the transgender community.

The response has been beautiful and heartwarming. Check out the prayers and, if you like, post your own.

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Trans* or Queer in Phoenix, Arizona

Submitted by genderWHAT?! and ExpressionGSM.

“genderWHAT?! and ExpressionGSM are two new organizations at Arizona State University. There is no age restriction to attend any event, and you do not have to be a student to attend.”

( Submit A Photo, seriously! )

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Recommendation: Neutrois

Meike recommends…


A very informative website about all things neutrois. I’ve had a hard time properly educating myself in regards to neutrois, but this looks like it will put an end to that.

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Recommendation: Skin Horse

Vicky recommends…

Skin Horse
A webcomic

It’s a webcomic about a black ops government project tasked with the capture, rehabilitation, and reintroduction to society of nonhuman sentients, with a title that’s a reference to the Velveteen Rabbit.

The main character is a heterosexual transvestite psychologist with an amazing fashion sense nicknamed “Tip.” Skin Horse is easily the best depiction of transvestitism in any form of literature, ever, and that’s not a claim I make lightly. It catalogs the trials and tribulations of being non-heteronormative in a heteronormative world perfectly, while still maintaining a feeling that Tip is accepted and loved by his coworkers.

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Recommendation: Queer and Trans Prisoner Correspondence

Alison recommends…

I was hesitant at first, when starting to learn about it, but the more I read the more I became convinced: this is an Awesome Idea.

Apply for the program, and they’ll match you up with a queer, transvariant, bifluid, anything-out-of-the-GBLTQRSTX-hypercube-spectrum PERSON, from a prison from across Canada and the US. It’s your choice how often to write and your chance to make a difference and give some connections in a person’s life that is hell enough in prison without being ‘different.’

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Recommendation: Laura’s Playground

Jamie Sue recommends…

There’s a lot of good information, plus a good self test, if you will be honest… It can give you a good idea of where you may be at in your life.

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Recommendation: Queer Haiku

Gabrielle recommends…

Haiku No 13 “Curves”

The complexity
Of forms and shapes: in Beauty
There are no straight lines

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Recommendation: Sarah Hoffman’s blog

A reader recommends…

Sarah Hoffman’s blog
a website for parents of gender-nonconforming kids

Sarah Hoffman writes about raising her pink boy in a supportive and affirming way. She shares lots of resources for other parents and for schools who want to do anti-bullying work. Her blog appeals not just to parents but to adult LGBT people.

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Recommendation: TransQueerNation

Luz recommends…

A Social Networking Site

It’s a social networking site for all LGBT/queer/varient/undefined and allies. There are also forums with an array of topics – it’s a safe place for everyone.

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Recommendation: Safe2pee

A reader recommends…

The new and improved safe2pee!
gender neutral bathrooms directory

Safe2pee has been mapping gender neutral bathrooms since 2006. At times the site was on a shaky foundation, so we went in and re-did the whole thing. There are over 2000 bathrooms listed in 500 cities. New features include the ability to add bathrooms beyond North America and leave ratings (1-5 Toilet Paper Rolls) as well as things like user accounts.

We are really pleased with the new site, and hope our community is too. Please check it out and add to it!

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Recommendation: Tranifesto

Kat recommends…

Matt Kailey’s insightful blog is a great resource for those interested in transgender and transsexual issues. The website covers a wide variety of topics, from the links to the blog itself. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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Recommendation: Misfile

Gib recommends…


A webcomic by Chris Hazelton

Misfile is a comic I can laugh at, grimace with, boggle toward, make strange faces in general direction of – I’m not sure there’s an emotional range it doesn’t take me though. Due to a lazy angel’s mistake, Ash is changed from male to female and Emily loses the last two years of her life. Though the experiences of Emily are mentioned, more pages of the comic are dedicated to Ash’s issues. Ze’s a guy in a girl’s body, literally, but is often made to do girly things to keep up zeir family’s and friends’ expectations of zem (who they believe has always been a woman).

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Recommendation: Lifeworks

Alissia Rose-Pait recommends…

A mentoring progrm

Lifeworks is a mentoring program for LGBTIQ youth, 12 – 24 in the Los Angeles area. Applicant youth are matched with trained (by the program) mentors.

They are in DESPERATE NEED for transgendered and transsexual mentors. While a trained male gay may get a mentee, or be on a waiting list for a long time, and lesbians are placed fairly quickly, transgendered mentors are so lacking that they have multiple kids waiting for each mentor. This is a minimum one year commitment.

Please help out our transgendered children and show them that they can succeed, that there is hope, and that there are people who understand and have or are walking the same path as them.

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Recommendation: Sailor Sausages

Sx recommends…


sailor sausages
artist’s blog

This artist is confronting identity in a really interesting way. Meeting somewhere between male and female, between beauty and ugliness, and at once dangerous and vulnerable, the character created embraces both the inner goddess and the outer chaos of the universe. Through use of elaborate embellishment and decoration, what is arrived at is somehow a place of stripped-down need; a place of attraction and repulsion within all of us, the place that we need to hide most from others and also that we need most to be embraced.

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Recommendation: Dapper Queers

RMDavison recommends…


Tumblr Page

This is a wonderful collection of photos of dapper genderforking individuals. I have a feeling this will be my one of my new favorite pages in the very near future. I’m think I’m already hooked!

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