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Changes in Latitude

Someone wrote…

I’m woking on my podcast and in doing it for almost a year now I’ve come to realize that I’m not a TransWoman, but more of a genderqueer/genderfluid person. Since this is a “large grey area” of description I’ll narrow it down by describing myself as a “feminine male”.

I feel more in tune and in touch with myself and more grounded.
Today I feel a bit more feminine as I’m waking up, but that may change as I start to move and get out of bed.

Thanks for being here.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on August 19th, 2015 at 08:00 am

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Recommendation: Audacious Eleven

Robin Renee recommends…

Audacious Eleven -...

Audacious Robin is on a gender journey and discovers her androgyny along the path. We discuss the distinctions between and the interweaving of gender identity, biological sex, sexual orientation, and gender presentation. Audacious Wendy comes out as a male peacock stuck in a woman’s body.

Audacious Eleven is the #1 Talk Show for Shakespearean Rock ‘n’ Roll Tech Geek Magic and Life Empowerment.

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Recommendation: Gender 101

Someone recommends…

Gender 101
Video Interview

This is a series of interviews with a gender fluid activist. It explains general genderqueer issues and is a good resource to show to people who aren’t familiar with all this yet.

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Recommendation: Miss Gender

Ashley recommends…

A person in orange socks, white-red striped trousers, an orange shirt and brown hair holds a rainbow-colored umbrella and is swept by the wind.

Miss Gender

My friend Jay and I started a video podcast called Miss Gender about my transition (I’m MtF). I’ve been contemplating my gender identity since I was 13 or 14 and, now in my 30s, I’ve started to get my head around the idea that I’m trans.

On the show we talk about things like how I came to realize I’m trans, coming out to my parents and other family, and mulling over how to handle things at work.

Our show has both a video feed (iTunes or not) and an audio feed (iTunes or not).

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Recommendation: TransPanTastic

Someone recommends…

The words 'Trans' 'Pan' 'Tastic!' on top of, respectively, the lightblue-pink-white-pink-whiteblue transgender pride flag, the magenta-yellow-blue pansexual pride flag and the purple-white-green genderqueer pride flag.

TransPanTastic is a podcast about gender, identity, orientation, and all the life that happens around them. George is a straight FtM transgender man, and Jess is his pansexual nonbinary wife. They have kids, and jobs, and a life together, and every other Saturday they release a short (10-20 mins) conversation about what’s happening in their world, with topics ranging from transition to kids to work to, well, everything else in their world. The first few episodes are up, and I have it on good authority that at least another months’ worth has been recorded and queued for release.

Check it out on PodBean, PodFeed or iTunes.

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Recommendation: Beyond the Binary

quarridors recommends…

WAM! It Yourself

This radio-style program discussed how the media covers nonbinary and nonconforming gender and what we can do to make that coverage better.

Hosted by Avory Faucette of and Radically Queer, it featured guests with expertise in gender-neutral parenting, nonbinary identities, and media coverage of transgender issues, including Arwyn Daemyir, creator of Raising My Boychick; Gunner Scott, Director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition; Nat Titman, creator of Practical Androgyny and the wiki; and Marilyn Roxie, creator of Genderqueer Identities and intern at the Center for Sex & Culture.

A recording of the entire show is available online (MP3).

The guests looked closely at some misunderstandings the media makes and how we can take action to educate and improve coverage. They considered topics including major media coverage of gender-neutral parenting and education in 2011, the media’s refusal to take supermodel Andrej Pejic’s stated identity seriously, and what articles on genderqueer and other identities get right and wrong. They also discussed the best way to cover less familiar gender identities, how journalists can describe gender in a way that is less harmful to nonbinary or questioning individuals, and how blogs and social media are changing the conversation.

Although the majority of guests were from the USA, Nat added a United Kingdom perspective.

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Posted by on September 10th, 2013 at 08:00 am

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