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As We Fell

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Kit Yan is a queer, transgender, and Asian American Brooklyn based slam poet from Hawaii. Kit performs entertaining and educational theatrical slam poetry pieces about his life as a queer, transgender, and Asian American through stories about family, love, and social justice.

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Recommendation: Queer of Gender

Lynx Sainte-Marie recommends…

A square, diagonally cut, with the top left in black with white letters "Queer" and the bottom right in white with black letters "of Gender"

Queer of Gender is a tumblr site for marginalized & multi-issue folks with nontraditional gender identities & expressions.

There is a lack of gender diversity in the mainstream that looks to only show certain points of view when it comes to gender diversity. Moreover, when gender outside of the norm is affirmed, it is white-washed, able-bodied, colonized, documented — seemingly “acceptable” representations of what we should be & not what we see ourselves as.

So QofG showcases profiles and selfies from those who are queer/trans*-identified, intersex, genderbenders, genderfucks, crossdressers & all those in between who are people of colour, disabled, Aboriginal/Native, undocumented, immigrants, who have mental health concerns/illness and all other communities living with oppression.

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Recommendation: The Dream Between

Someone recommends…

Upper-body shot of a woman of color with very short, partly dyed hair, wearing a pink cami and a pink fishnet top, in front of a wall.

Robin Renée is a performing songwriter and kirtan chant artist. She is also a longtime bi activist, a polyamorous person, and an explorer of her gender-malleable identity. She often writes from the perspective of — how spirituality, music, and sexuality merge for her and what she learns and experiences through that lens.

Check out “The Fine Art of Being Unprepared” and “New Year/New Order” and you will get a feel for the interwoven journey.

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Recommendation: FINE

Medusa Hirself recommends…

A comic with four frames.  Top left: a person in a T-shirt with rectangular glasses and short, slightly wavy hair says "I want to be dashing and handsome, compassionate, strong, passionate, logical, sensitive, bold, free, and loving... Does that make *male* or *female*? Who gets to decide that?"  Top right: a person with freckles, whose left half has short hair, wears a masculine vest and a tie, and whose right half has long hair, and wears a hairband, a necklace and a feminine camisole/vest. They say "When I am wearing feminine clothing, I feel that my body is more feminine, and I feel that my body is masculine when I am wearing masculine clothing. My view of the gender of my body changes depending on my perspective at the time."  Bottom left: a person with short spiky hair and sideburns says "I really care less about what *society* thinks and more about what my *family* thinks. I really care about them a lot. (In smaller font:) I mean... I've struggled all my life trying to get acceptance from my folks."  Bottom right: a person in a dinosaur costume, saying "Some words I sometimes use are monster, person, David Bowie, androgyne, intergender, and genderqueer. (In smaller font:) I spend a lot of time looking for people like me, for my kind, and to that end labels like genderqueer are useful and comforting." They are surrounded by boxes containing the labels mentioned and more.

FINE – A Comic About Gender
A graphic novel based on interviews with real people

What is gender? How do we relate to it? How do we talk about it? Does it mean the same thing for everyone? FINE examines these questions by interviewing Midwesterners from across the gender spectrum. Check out the online preview of this fascinating comic project. They are actively looking for more interviewees, particularly queer and trans* people of color from the Midwest USA.

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Recommendation: Beyond the Binary

quarridors recommends…

WAM! It Yourself

This radio-style program discussed how the media covers nonbinary and nonconforming gender and what we can do to make that coverage better.

Hosted by Avory Faucette of and Radically Queer, it featured guests with expertise in gender-neutral parenting, nonbinary identities, and media coverage of transgender issues, including Arwyn Daemyir, creator of Raising My Boychick; Gunner Scott, Director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition; Nat Titman, creator of Practical Androgyny and the wiki; and Marilyn Roxie, creator of Genderqueer Identities and intern at the Center for Sex & Culture.

A recording of the entire show is available online (MP3).

The guests looked closely at some misunderstandings the media makes and how we can take action to educate and improve coverage. They considered topics including major media coverage of gender-neutral parenting and education in 2011, the media’s refusal to take supermodel Andrej Pejic’s stated identity seriously, and what articles on genderqueer and other identities get right and wrong. They also discussed the best way to cover less familiar gender identities, how journalists can describe gender in a way that is less harmful to nonbinary or questioning individuals, and how blogs and social media are changing the conversation.

Although the majority of guests were from the USA, Nat added a United Kingdom perspective.

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Recommendation: Androgynous modeling

Van Burnham recommends…

A person with sleeked-back dark hair, pale/white face makeup, and wearing long gloves up to the elbow - one in white, one in black.

An Article on Androgyny
An interview from Model Mayhem

This is an interview from Model Mayhem on androgyny. The interview focuses on gender roles, the future of gender roles and how gender plays into photography and modeling.

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Recommendation: Fifty Shades of Gay

Someone recommends…

iO Tillett Wright: Fifty shades of gay
video/photography project

I have often struggled with this concept of “defining myself”, putting myself into a box or giving myself a label. None of the words really seemed right. And I have found myself, more often than not, frustrated beyond words that I needed to at all. Why can’t I just be me? And from many of the posts I see on here, you all have those same problems.

This video and this project were like a breath of fresh air. Finally someone showing that people are not boxable. People are not label-able. People are just people, and they fill only their own personal box.

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Recommendation: LeRoi Prince

Someone recommends…

A person with short black hair in a gray suit stands in front of the Barbie aisle of a toy store. In the left hand they hold a box with Ken, and with the right hand they touch their (glued-on?) moustache.

LeRoi Prince
a drag king

Check out this genderfabulous performer: “LeRoi Prince is a dancer and entertainer whose playful flirtatiousness and equal-opportunity lechery make gender irrelevant and bring a sense of fun and class to the world of gender performance.” I like his Tumblr bio too: “LeRoi Prince has been strutting his stuff with swagger and class since 2007, leaving a trail of broken hearts and confused sexualities in his wake.”

It looks like he just started his Tumblr but I can’t get over the pictures. He has videos and albums up on Facebook too. If you’re in NYC you should check him out live. Amazing gender-busting drag for the win!

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Recommendation: Why I changed my name

Emmett recommends…

This is a video that I made about my experience with my recent name change, and my own personal feelings on being non-binary. Posting it was kind of terrifying, but I’m so glad I did!

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Recommendation: Conchita Wurst

Brog recommends…

Cover photo: Conchita Wurst: That's What I Am. -- A person with long, black hair, and full black beard, in a dress/top full of silver sequins. They are in front of a silky deep red background, and they have one hand slightly raised.

Eurovision 2012 has been and gone, but while clicking around the videos I came across this — which was only narrowly beaten to being Austria’s entry for 2012.

Conchita Wurst’s blend of masculine and feminine presentation is particularly interesting, and they are adored by the Austrian public. Worth a look!

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Recommendation: CN Lester

tigr recommends…

CN Lester
debut album/music(ian)

CN Lester is an amazing alternative singer-songwriter, classical mezzo-soprano, AND an out trans artist/activist/blogger, and their very first album comes out on February 9th. Wonderful music. Great person. Check ‘em out. :)

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Recommendation: Black Widow Bike Works

Re recommends…

Black Widow Bike Works
Custom Motorcycle Shop

Montefusco said she’d faced opposition from the moment she graduated the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Arizona, where she was laughed at for applying for a job at Harley-Davidson because she was a female. Even when she landed a job the company, Montefusco said she didn’t get a workbench to use.

“I worked on the floor, on my hands and knees, for the first four months,” Montefusco, 30, said. “A lot of the guys didn’t even talk to me.” She left the company after she was told she’d never make it as a mechanic, and started her own business, Black Widow Bike Works, in Toms River. After three years of working long days in a rickety building trying to convince people that she could do top-notch work, Montefusco decided to give up her dream and pack it north. But then her girlfriend pushed her to give it one more shot.”

Check out more of this story here.

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Recommendation: Queer and Trans Prisoner Correspondence

Alison recommends…

I was hesitant at first, when starting to learn about it, but the more I read the more I became convinced: this is an Awesome Idea.

Apply for the program, and they’ll match you up with a queer, transvariant, bifluid, anything-out-of-the-GBLTQRSTX-hypercube-spectrum PERSON, from a prison from across Canada and the US. It’s your choice how often to write and your chance to make a difference and give some connections in a person’s life that is hell enough in prison without being ‘different.’

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Recommendation: Ney Matogrosso

Nate Wilde recommends…

Ney Matogrosso is a gay Brazilian singer who first became popular in the ’70s. At the time, being gay was considered taboo in Brazil, so he never officially came out. Nevertheless, he didn’t let the conservative values of the country hold him back. He had a stage personality more flamboyant than Elton John and Liberace combined, and it came complete with outlandish costumes and hip shaking only a Brazilian can pull off.

Most impressive of all is that at 79, he is still just as fabulous today as he was all those years ago. As a Brazilian, I could not be prouder to have a musician such as him representing my country.

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Recommendation: Edward/ Ed

Dazza recommends…

Edward/ Ed

Hmm, how to describe Ed…

I guess I could start with: “she is a comically eccentric teenage girl around 13 years in age” who refers to herself in third person, dresses androgynously, and chose the name Edward because she thought it was fun. How cool is that?

** Edward is a character on the fabulous anime Cowboy Bebop, where she works as a hacker, fools around, and plays with her dog. When I first started the show I thought Ed was a boy, and when I found out she wasn’t- I loved the character even more.

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Recommendation: Nicole Reynolds

A reader recommends…

Nicole Reynolds

Nicole Reynolds is a folk singer/songwriter from Pennsylvania. A poet, singer, and farmer, she’s released a handful of albums and tours frequently on the East Coast of the US, performing particularly at queer venues and events.

I love her unique brand of androgyny; she looks and sounds quite a bit like a twelve-year-old boy, but she plays guitar like a young Bob Dylan (check out live performances of her antiwar song ‘June’ on YouTube) and takes great pride in her own femininity. Her music’s clever, funny, and has a timeless quality to it that’s definitely worth a listen. Take a look!

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Recommendation: Richard O’Brien

Adelai recommends…

Richard O’Brien
Writer of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Already well known in GLBTQ circles for writing The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Richard O’Brien has admitted to feeling like he’s trans or third-gendered. “There is a continuum between male and female. Some are hard-wired one way or another, I’m in between. Or a third sex, I could see myself as quite easily.”

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Recommendation: Antony Hegarty

A reader recommends…

Antony Hegarty is the transgendered singer and musician in band Antony and the Johnsons. They’ve made a few marvellous albums. He has a divinely mournful voice. And i simply love the way this article describes him… “voluptuous not tough” … “Today i am a boy” … “I am a bird now” … there’s this very refreshingly gentle, poetic, unassuming way of talking about gender/and or/identity.

To quote said article:

“Antony Hegarty is an embodied paradox. Imagine a looming rugger thug who defines his physique as voluptuous, not tough, and behaves like a shy adolescent of indeterminate sex. Is he a futuristic being whose home is not on this earth or a throwback from some other time? Lou Reed, one of his earliest supporters, said: “When I heard him, I knew that I was in the presence of an angel…” And how, if we respect the binary logic of human biology, do we classify the idiosyncratic Antony? Even his own designation, transgender, hardly does justice to his mutability.”


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Recommendation: Lashings Of Ginger Beer Time

A reader recommends…

Lashings Of Ginger Beer Time

A Radical Queer Feminist Collective

Lashings of Ginger Beer Time describe themselves as a Radical Queer Feminist Collective, who present songs, comedy, sketches and satire in the form of a classic Burlesque act. They’ve recently performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, with a 4 star review from the Scotsman calling them the best Burlesque act there, and another 4 star from Scotsgay.

If you’re looking for a group that will mercilessly deconstruct the gender binary, discuss feminism’s modern role in gender equality, have a comedy act dedicated to discussing being trans, love a bit of kink, and accept everyone from straight, kinky, vanilla, asexual, queer, poly, or well…everyone, then these are the group for you!

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Recommendation: Lifeworks

Alissia Rose-Pait recommends…

A mentoring progrm

Lifeworks is a mentoring program for LGBTIQ youth, 12 – 24 in the Los Angeles area. Applicant youth are matched with trained (by the program) mentors.

They are in DESPERATE NEED for transgendered and transsexual mentors. While a trained male gay may get a mentee, or be on a waiting list for a long time, and lesbians are placed fairly quickly, transgendered mentors are so lacking that they have multiple kids waiting for each mentor. This is a minimum one year commitment.

Please help out our transgendered children and show them that they can succeed, that there is hope, and that there are people who understand and have or are walking the same path as them.

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