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Recommendation: Brody Polinsky

Morgan recommends…

Brody Polinsky
Tattoo artist who created a safe harbor studio for LGBTQI clients

Brody is a queer tattooer who created UNIV ERSE Studio in Berlin to be a safe harbor in an historically homophobic and transphobic industry. People travel from all over the world for one of his custom-made designs.

Tattooing is really vulnerable and permanent, it can be healing or traumatic depending on the artist’s bedside manner. Brody designed a gentle environment with tea and easy music and proper pronouns. :)

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Wheat Paste Art

Reposted from The Identity Project.

“Wheat Paste Art Project by Nathan (a sophomore in Gender and Women’s Studies and minoring in Social Justice) at The University of Minnesota that was done to fulfill a requirement in a class that would bring focus to queer identities that are marginalized by the mainstream gay movement. These posters were put up around campus for his final project. ”

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Queer Life in the USA

Reposted from Molly Landreth’s Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life in America.


CRUZ 2007: First of all, not sure if I would call myself queer, but definitely trans. Trans, to me means being different. And that is something I am trying to understand. What I see when I look at this picture is a girl—maybe even a woman that needs to be set free. I keep seeing this familiar face, staring back at me and not knowing what it means. It is like a dream that you can’t wake up from and I am not sure I want to.”

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Trans Hack

Reposted from SF Cronicle.

“Kenya Boudreaux met a guy on a dating site. She liked his photo, his personality. She agreed to meet him in person. That’s when things got weird.

He wanted to wander down alleys. He pressured Boudreaux, 19, to drink.

“It made me feel very unsafe,” said Boudreaux, a black transgender woman and student at San Francisco State University.

Last year, 23 trans women and gender nonconforming people were murdered. Most of them were black or Latino.

“There’s already this life expectancy of we probably won’t make it past 35 years old,” she said recently. “That’s very harrowing for me, so I feel like if I do end up murdered, I want that person found and charged.”

So Boudreaux, a mechanical engineering and computer science student, got to work making an app to help with just that.

Last week, Boudreaux and more than a dozen others participated in a hackathon to build “solutions to social problems unique to transgender people of color.” It was organized by TransH4ck, an Oakland organization that acts as a hub and a home for transgender and gender nonconforming folks and allies in the tech industry. The organization encourages the creation of open-source technology for this population.”

More Info here!

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Reposted from HuffPost.

“Love Is Lifting These Queer Couples Higher In Incredible Trick Photo Series! (More photos in the link above)”

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Vintage Pride

Reposted from Brain Pickings.

“Some remarkable photos of the first ever Pride marches in the US, found in the New York Public Library Archives.

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Rebel Dykes

Reposted from Femmevoid.

“From film Rebel Dykes, documenting the forgotten herstory of lesbian London in the 1980s. Showing at the London LGBT Film Festival this March!”

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Photographing the Genderqueer Community

Reposted from PBS News Hour.

“A project by photographer Chloe Aftel aims to give greater visibility to the diversity of gender beyond “male” and “female.” For her series “Genderqueer,” Aftel photographed self-identified genderqueer individuals in their homes in an effort to explore a community that she says is too-often misunderstood.”

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Snacks and Make-up Combos are go!

Reposted from Skelotim on Instagram.

“Tim O takes his inspiration from snacks. Specifically, the colour combinations on chip bags and soon, even beer cans! Tim has been posting these pictures and tutorials to Instagram and YouTube for 11 months, and was surprised to see them become popular.
“I just love by accepting yourself flaws and all,” Tim O told Bored Panda. “We’re all going to be judged by someone, might as well embrace the flaw we have and get comfortable with them so that when people judge we’re confident within ourselves to know words can’t hurt you. And that’s all live by embracing my fatness, baldness, all that!”
From an article on Bored Panda.

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100 Most Stylish DapperQs 2015

Reposted from DapperQ.

” In July 2013, dapperQ published their first ever list of 100 Most Stylish dapperQs. This was by far one of their most popular posts, but was by no means exhaustive. Since the original post was not comprehensive enough to capture all of the amazing dapper that exists in our community, their team decided to compile an annual list of 100 most stylish dapperQs.”

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Trans Microaggressions

Reposted from Bisexual Women of Color (via GLAAD).

“Every day, trans and gender non-conforming people face overt and subtle discrimination as they try to go about their lives. As part of Transgender Awareness Week, GLAAD created a photo essay to highlight the more subtle forms of oppression trans people experience – often called microaggressions. Microaggressions are subtle verbal or behavioural slights that invalidate a person’s identity or experience.”

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Portraits of Jacob

Reposted from Charisma Moran Photography.

“I sat patiently waiting in Bryant Park, camera in hand, and perfect weather outside.

Jacob walked up from the Subway in their tall black heels and the perfect LBD, looking effortlessly chic. Sure, Jacob is an accomplished writer, public speaker, and advocate but before that, they are the type of person that you immediately want to be best friends with.

Stylish, funny, and charming; Jacob made me feel as if I had known them my whole life when I had only spent five minutes with them.”

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Remembering Marsha P. Johnson

Reposted from itsjessegurl.

“I was watching the Stonewall Uprising documentary and the name Marsha P. Johnson was not mentioned once considering she was a leader of the 1969 Stonewall Riots. So I felt like posting these Polaroids of her taken by Andy Warhol to show remembrance of her as the significant trailblazer that she was in making the Stonewall Riots happen. It’ll be 46 years since the riots on June the 28th and 45 years since the first gay pride march took place in New York City as a result of the Stonewall Riots. Thank you Marsha. RIP.”

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Female Masculinity at Its Finest

Reposted from SheWired.

Queer photographer Meg Allen didn’t see the images of masculine women she wanted and needed around her, so she took it upon herself to produce them.

From the article…

Allen tells SheWired, she wanted to celebrate and display her “gorgeous” subjects unrestrainedly, allowing “outsiders a change to look, to stare, without feeling like they’re being invasive.” Her portraits are meant, she says, to be attractive and admired, in contrast to a history of masculine women not feeling fully able to “show” themselves to others due, in part, to an understandable fear of violent reactions. Allen spent time with each model discussing how they thought about their masculinity and wished it to be seen.

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Maternity Clothes for Genderqueer Parents

Reposted from The Cut.

From the article…

Once upon a time, maternity clothing was all bows, floral patterns, and muumuus. While it has evolved in the last few decades to include body-conscious styles that flaunt (rather than hide) “baby bumps,” it’s remained mostly conventionally feminine.

The founders of the new line Butchbaby & Co. want to change that. Vanessa Newman, a digital strategist, and Michelle Janayea, a design student at Columbia College in Chicago, are creating an alternative to hyperfeminine maternitywear aimed at LGBTQ folks who are starting their own families.

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As We Fell

Reposted from

Kit Yan is a queer, transgender, and Asian American Brooklyn based slam poet from Hawaii. Kit performs entertaining and educational theatrical slam poetry pieces about his life as a queer, transgender, and Asian American through stories about family, love, and social justice.

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Recommendation: Queer of Gender

Lynx Sainte-Marie recommends…

A square, diagonally cut, with the top left in black with white letters "Queer" and the bottom right in white with black letters "of Gender"

Queer of Gender is a tumblr site for marginalized & multi-issue folks with nontraditional gender identities & expressions.

There is a lack of gender diversity in the mainstream that looks to only show certain points of view when it comes to gender diversity. Moreover, when gender outside of the norm is affirmed, it is white-washed, able-bodied, colonized, documented — seemingly “acceptable” representations of what we should be & not what we see ourselves as.

So QofG showcases profiles and selfies from those who are queer/trans*-identified, intersex, genderbenders, genderfucks, crossdressers & all those in between who are people of colour, disabled, Aboriginal/Native, undocumented, immigrants, who have mental health concerns/illness and all other communities living with oppression.

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Recommendation: The Dream Between

Someone recommends…

Upper-body shot of a woman of color with very short, partly dyed hair, wearing a pink cami and a pink fishnet top, in front of a wall.

Robin Renée is a performing songwriter and kirtan chant artist. She is also a longtime bi activist, a polyamorous person, and an explorer of her gender-malleable identity. She often writes from the perspective of — how spirituality, music, and sexuality merge for her and what she learns and experiences through that lens.

Check out “The Fine Art of Being Unprepared” and “New Year/New Order” and you will get a feel for the interwoven journey.

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Recommendation: FINE

Medusa Hirself recommends…

A comic with four frames.  Top left: a person in a T-shirt with rectangular glasses and short, slightly wavy hair says "I want to be dashing and handsome, compassionate, strong, passionate, logical, sensitive, bold, free, and loving... Does that make *male* or *female*? Who gets to decide that?"  Top right: a person with freckles, whose left half has short hair, wears a masculine vest and a tie, and whose right half has long hair, and wears a hairband, a necklace and a feminine camisole/vest. They say "When I am wearing feminine clothing, I feel that my body is more feminine, and I feel that my body is masculine when I am wearing masculine clothing. My view of the gender of my body changes depending on my perspective at the time."  Bottom left: a person with short spiky hair and sideburns says "I really care less about what *society* thinks and more about what my *family* thinks. I really care about them a lot. (In smaller font:) I mean... I've struggled all my life trying to get acceptance from my folks."  Bottom right: a person in a dinosaur costume, saying "Some words I sometimes use are monster, person, David Bowie, androgyne, intergender, and genderqueer. (In smaller font:) I spend a lot of time looking for people like me, for my kind, and to that end labels like genderqueer are useful and comforting." They are surrounded by boxes containing the labels mentioned and more.

FINE – A Comic About Gender
A graphic novel based on interviews with real people

What is gender? How do we relate to it? How do we talk about it? Does it mean the same thing for everyone? FINE examines these questions by interviewing Midwesterners from across the gender spectrum. Check out the online preview of this fascinating comic project. They are actively looking for more interviewees, particularly queer and trans* people of color from the Midwest USA.

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Recommendation: Beyond the Binary

quarridors recommends…

WAM! It Yourself

This radio-style program discussed how the media covers nonbinary and nonconforming gender and what we can do to make that coverage better.

Hosted by Avory Faucette of and Radically Queer, it featured guests with expertise in gender-neutral parenting, nonbinary identities, and media coverage of transgender issues, including Arwyn Daemyir, creator of Raising My Boychick; Gunner Scott, Director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition; Nat Titman, creator of Practical Androgyny and the wiki; and Marilyn Roxie, creator of Genderqueer Identities and intern at the Center for Sex & Culture.

A recording of the entire show is available online (MP3).

The guests looked closely at some misunderstandings the media makes and how we can take action to educate and improve coverage. They considered topics including major media coverage of gender-neutral parenting and education in 2011, the media’s refusal to take supermodel Andrej Pejic’s stated identity seriously, and what articles on genderqueer and other identities get right and wrong. They also discussed the best way to cover less familiar gender identities, how journalists can describe gender in a way that is less harmful to nonbinary or questioning individuals, and how blogs and social media are changing the conversation.

Although the majority of guests were from the USA, Nat added a United Kingdom perspective.

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