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Remembering Marsha P. Johnson

Reposted from itsjessegurl.

“I was watching the Stonewall Uprising documentary and the name Marsha P. Johnson was not mentioned once considering she was a leader of the 1969 Stonewall Riots. So I felt like posting these Polaroids of her taken by Andy Warhol to show remembrance of her as the significant trailblazer that she was in making the Stonewall Riots happen. It’ll be 46 years since the riots on June the 28th and 45 years since the first gay pride march took place in New York City as a result of the Stonewall Riots. Thank you Marsha. RIP.”

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See Me

Reposted from Buzzfeed.

So few people, once you put the homeless label on them, are able to see [the youth] in any other way. But there’s power that comes with being the survivor of abuse, the survivor of homelessness. Having to assert your sexual orientation and gender identity makes you a really powerful person.

Photo from See Me, a book/project by Alex Fradkin, an award winning photographer, and Taz Tagore, co-founder of the Reciprocity Foundation, a not for profit organization serving the needs of homeless youth in New York City.

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Female Masculinity at Its Finest

Reposted from SheWired.

Queer photographer Meg Allen didn’t see the images of masculine women she wanted and needed around her, so she took it upon herself to produce them.

From the article…

Allen tells SheWired, she wanted to celebrate and display her “gorgeous” subjects unrestrainedly, allowing “outsiders a change to look, to stare, without feeling like they’re being invasive.” Her portraits are meant, she says, to be attractive and admired, in contrast to a history of masculine women not feeling fully able to “show” themselves to others due, in part, to an understandable fear of violent reactions. Allen spent time with each model discussing how they thought about their masculinity and wished it to be seen.

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Via Buzzfeed

From the nightclubs of Mongolia to the swamps of Venezuela – Àlvaro Laiz’s work transports you into various worlds and shares the stories of the people that inhabit them.

There are more stunning photographs by Àlvaro Laiz at

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To Survive on This Shore

Photo taken from a series of pictures from To Survive on This Shore.

Representations of older transgender people are nearly absent from both photography and social science domains, and those that do exist are often one-dimensional. To survive on this shore combines photographs of transgender and gender variant people over the age of fifty with interviews about their life experiences in regards to gender, identity, age, and sexuality and provides a nuanced view into the complexities of aging as a transgender person. By combining our experiences working as a photographer and social worker within the transgender community, we hope to create a project that is simultaneously highly personal and socially relevant.

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Just Toilets

Reposted from We Are The Youth.

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Hello! Address me as….

A handy sticker that tells the world your name and pronouns. Comes in five varieties: he/him/his, she/her/hers, they/them/theirs, xe/xem/xyrs, and ze/hir/hirs! Whether being used when meeting new people or as a gentle reminder to old friends, this sticker uses a familiar format to communicate the information quickly and easily.

Name stickers by Non-Newtonian Gender Fluid.

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Reposted from Gender of the Day.

“Organic genderless gingerbread figures”

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My Birthday Card – 2014

Submitted by Claude Vallee, the photographer.

“This is the best birthday card ever. Blue box with shiny pink ribbon : that is me! Even the wishes (inside and outside) are genderless (and that is a feat in French!). Officially from my mom, chosen by my sister and mother. Birthday was a while ago and I can’t stop being happy about it! ”

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Recommendation: Adrian Buckmaster

Zac recommends…

Two people dressed up almost indescribably! Wearing skirts(?) made out of teddybears, for one.

Adrian Buckmaster

Really interesting photographer.

Note: some of the photos show (artful) nudity.

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Recommendation: Guys with Fancy Lady Hair

Someone recommends…

"Guys with Fancy Lady Hair"

Guys with Fancy Lady Hair
Before and After Photos

I had to share this. I love long hair. There is something magical about all kinds of men who are not afraid to express themselves in gender non-conforming ways — and they have long hair! Enjoy.

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Recommendation: Gender Fancy

Essej recommends…

Portrait shot of a person with a short beard painted orange with a hot-pink strip down from the nose, wearing a carnivalesque mask with glitter, beads, and lots of feathers. The colours are mostly yellow and hot-pink with some cyan.

“swamp lovin couillon in color”
Gender Fancy
Photo tumblr

Submit your gender identity & a photo of you embodying that identity in 5 words or less! Gender Fancy (like Cat Fancy) is a fun & creative way to challenge the heteronormative assumption that there are only 2 genders in the world. Contribute!

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Recommendation: Portraits of Men Wearing Their Girlfriends’ Clothes

Someone recommends…


As the title says, this is a photo shoot of men wearing an outfit from their girlfriends. From the photographer’s description: “He wanted to make images that showed not only the equality of balance in heterosexual relationships, but also the feeling of confusion the male may be experiencing with this change.”

I think Genderfork readers will appreciate this because of the portrayal of cis-gendered men in a feminine aspect and the reactions that may evoke. For example, one of the commentators on the original website said that the portraits made him feel uncomfortable yet curious how his girlfriend may have influenced his own gender expression over time.

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Recommendation: The work of Andy Karol

Lee recommends…

Two portraits from “Eden: Expressions in Gender” photographed by Andy Karol, of two individuals, both POC, who identify on the gender spectrum as variant or fluid. Kokumo, on the left, is standing in a river, with the afro cut looking like a halo, closely holding water plants almost looking like a net, and eyes closed head towards the sky. Kia, on the right, is bald-shaven, with a simple circular ring in each ear, and is almost hidden between grass, with just the head emerging, staring into the camera with a piercing, powerful look.

The work of Andy Karol
A portrait project

This project lives through me. It is a concept, a bridge, a running topic, a challenge, and many other things. The images haunt, linger, inspire, incite, and provoke. I want people to understand the ability to strip down our gender to our inner selves and this is why nudity is used. The classic play on the Biblical ‘Eden’ reaches this importance. Gender spills out of us in uncontrollable ways and when we realize this then the real play begins. The quality of this work is based on years of experience and passion.

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A photoset by Kwesi Abbensetts

Submitted by Erica. Full set (includes partial nudity).

“The photographer identifies this subject as, ‘Kat Chr – She came to NY from Jamaica to work on some personal music projects. We collaborated on this shoot, Kat bringing her energy.'”

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Recommendation: Sworn Virgins

Anna recommends…

Hajdari, a sworn virgin: a person with their hair covered, sitting outside, clasping a walking stick in one hand and a young child in the other.

This photo project is a study of “burnesha” or women who have become sworn virgins to escape the oppressive laws against women. They change their appearances, mannerisms and even names, and take a vow of celibacy. It’s an interesting study of an ancient practice of gender swapping which is quickly becoming obsolete.

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Recommendation: 10×10 photography project

James Fowler recommends…

Portrait of Nina Arsenault, with long wavy dark blonde hair, some strands randomly curling and defying gravity, wearing a shiny black shoulder-free top, and lots and lots of necklaces.

10×10 photography project
An annual photography exhibition and book launch

10×10 is an annual photography exhibition celebrating the contributions of LGBTQ Canadians to the Arts. Each year ten queer Canadian photographers are selected to each take ten portraits of ten different Canadians who have in some way made a contribution to the arts, either as a creative, or as an arts worker, administrator or philanthropist. All 100 photos are exhibited at the Gladstone hotel during Toronto Pride week and sold as a book with proceeds going towards an arts initiative for queer and trans youth.

2013 marks the third edition of 10×10. It is planned as a ten year project, which, with the 10th exhibition in 2021, will have included the work of 100 photographers and documented 1000 queer Canadians in the arts.

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Recommendation: Family Portrait

Pedro aka Strangelfreak recommends…

A grayscale photo of three people posing in a typical "family portrait" position. One has long hair and is wearing a dress, another has short hair and is wearing a beard and a striped button-down shirt, and the third is on their knees, wearing a patterned sleeveless dress and posing cutely.

Family Portrait
Photography shoot

A photoshoot I made for a project on Non-heteronormative family units, in this case is Lorena who is an M2F trans, Claudia genderneutral (wearing my beard) and Filippo Putrefashion who is a genderfucker… I hope you like it.

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Recommendation: Zhang Jigna’s Photography

A reader recommends…

I’ve admired Zhang Jigna’s (see also photography for a long time. And I was especially taken by these shots of Daniel Landroche. The blog post has a (brief) interesting bit of commentary on different people’s conception of beauty. These photographs in particular stand out to me for capturing a kind of elegance we don’t often see associated with male beauty. These aren’t the images of stereotypical male strength or of dominance that most frequently make up our images of men.

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Recommendation: Switch

identitytBD recommends…

photo gallery

JJ Levine is a Montreal-based artist who explores issues surrounding gender, sexuality, self-identity and queer space. In addition to pursuing a career as an artist, Levine gives “Lesbian Haircuts for Anyone” in a bike shop in Montreal’s gay village. Also check out the “Alone Time” gallery:

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