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Meetups Galore!

WOW, it was wonderful meeting up with Texan Genderforkers on Sunday. So inspiring to connect and talk about what life is like down here in the land of cowboy hats and large belt buckles for folks who don’t fit neatly into a gender box. I learned a lot (and was handed a brilliant idea for a new feature on the site, so stay tuned for that)!

And now I’m getting nudges from wonderful people in other places about having meetups in their towns, too. We need to hang out with each other more. Got it. Let’s keep thinking about this…

A few thoughts come immediately to mind…

I’ll be speaking at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania on April 9th about ambiguity in gender and sexuality (and will include some content from this site in that talk). If you’ll be in that area, please email me for more details.

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have the almost-equivalent of a Genderfork meetup once a month. It’s called the Queer Open Mic (I’m a co-host), and it’s currently running every fourth friday at Modern Times Bookstore. The crowd is really, truly wonderful, and it has been my second family for a few years now. I hope you can make it sometime.

There’s an awesome queer/genderqueer all-cities community calendar getting started now called The Queerist.  I strongly encourage you to post local events to it (it provides GORGEOUS description pages that you can direct people to for your event), and check it regularly for things in your area.

Knowing each other makes everything else we do much easier. I look forward to meeting more of you.


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Alright, so who’s in Austin?

Meeting up with Genderforkers in Oregon was a lot of fun!  Maybe we could do this again sometime.

I’m flying to Austin, Texas tonight for SXSW Interactive, and will be bumming around town from the 13th through the 17th (tomorrow until next tuesday).  Will you be in town for the conference, too?  Do you live nearby?  Do you live “close enough” and have a way of getting to Austin? Wanna get tea and meet more beautiful people and tell stories?

This time, send me an email if you’re interested: sarah at genderfork dot com

We’ll figure something out!


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