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Creative friends, here’s a new way to showcase your work! Magazine launched on January 15, 2014 and submissions are open year round. Neat! Check out the following press release to learn more about this great new literary platform. Magazine, an electronic publication designed to showcase queer artists without requiring queerness of content, releases their first issue today. Featuring authors including Laura Krughoff, Mandy Gutmann-Gonzalez, Sarah Maria Medina, Jonathan Mack and many more, this inaugural issue is 71 pages of both new and established authors and art-makers.

The Call to Adventure also features artists Hannah Brush, Krista Coppedge and an interview with Stefana McClure, whose work is currently on exhibit in the MoMA.

The queer community has already expressed a great interest in The Call to Adventure and the groundswell of support promises wonderful things to come:

“ is proof that queer writers have complicated, beautiful, and haunting stories to tell—and that even when they include queerness, identity is far from the whole story. The work in this issue is worth it for any reader, regardless of sexual orientation, and I can’t wait for Issue 2.” — Rachel Kincaid, senior editor for Magazine was founded by Alison Osworth and Sarah Hansen, the fiction and the poetry editor respectively. The Call to Adventure is available for free online at and also on Kindle or PDF for $4.99. For more information, feel free to contact Alison at

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Recommendation: T(OUR) Magazine

T(OUR) Magazine is a quarterly print magazine that showcases queer art submissions from all around the world. T(OUR) embraces contributions from every walk of life regarding the queer experience, including stories from allies. Learn more about T(OUR) Literary Magazine, visit the Out and About blog, and check out their Indiegogo campaign!

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Recommendation: Filament Magazine

Leila recommends…

Filament is a British magazine, which is available in most countries. Although it is ostensibly a women’s magazine and the photoshoots are of men (and couples that include men), they often use androgynous and genderqueer models.

I love this cover from their fifth issue, from last year. The model on the left is male bodied and the model on the right female bodied, you discover by the end of the seduction photo shoot inside. That issue is sold out now; I just wanted to let you know about a cool mag which embraces gender fluidity alongside traditional gender identity.

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Recommendation: Orange Octopus Gender Zine

JRB recommends…

From the zine’s site: “Made for gender, by gender, and focused on gender, the Orange Octopus gender zine is a collaborative creative publication that celebrates the diversity of gender and gender expression with a creative, positive and pro-active outlook.” I have a copy, and it’s awesome! There are personal stories, poems, artwork and a comic, all clearly made with love and care. I read through it in one go and was left with abundant warm fuzzies for my fellow humans.

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Recommendation: Stud Magazine


The Stud Magazine
Online Magazine

Launching this fall Stud Magazine is a dynamic and comprehensive look into the topics, issues and the lifestyles of non-gender conforming females. There are many skilled, talented and intellectual studs, but the media continuously overlooks this. Stud Magazine will enhance, showcase and promote Stud culture and identities.

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Recommendation: Genderfailz

A reader recommends…


Alix is a transguy struggling against a limited and restrictive healthcare system. Genderfailz #1 is written about his struggle with depression while he waits to be assessed for hormone therapy. The tedious shuffle of bureaucracy is almost too much to bear, and when his appointment finally arrives, Alix discovers that the one gender specialist in Alberta may not agree with his choices. Genderfailz explores the area between and outside of male and female, and shows through first-hand experience just how limiting gender can be.

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Recommendation: Masculine Femininities

Johanna recommends…

This zine is a collection of really amazing writing, drawing, and photography on masculine femininities and other paths of gender identity exploration. There are three editions so far, each with a slightly different character. I especially enjoyed reading about claiming femininity or femme identity from a trans-male or masculine identified place. But you’ll find that the zine explores other themes too. Many contributions speak subtly and honestly about how gender, including gender-nonconformity, is tinged with more potentially anxiety-provoking ideas about race and body-image, how one is seen by lovers, how one makes a living, etc.

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Recommendation: Said the Pot to the Kettle – feminist theory for anarchist men

willow recommends…

This is a fantastic comic-zine which goes over a summary of patriarchy, feminism, anarchy, and how they all interact. It’s funny, poignant, and bitingly witty. Also fantastic use of the term “jerk.” The comic is followed up by a discussion of ideas, which is well researched and laid out.

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Recommendation: Original Plumbing

A reader recommends…


Original Plumbing Magazine
“Original Plumbing is the premier magazine dedicated to the sexuality and culture of FTM trans guys.”

Got my copy of issue 1 in the mail today and WHOO BOY. Not only are the guys hot, but the writing is good too. This magazine does a great job of showing the diversity of transmasculine bodies.

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