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Trans Hack

Reposted from SF Cronicle.

“Kenya Boudreaux met a guy on a dating site. She liked his photo, his personality. She agreed to meet him in person. That’s when things got weird.

He wanted to wander down alleys. He pressured Boudreaux, 19, to drink.

“It made me feel very unsafe,” said Boudreaux, a black transgender woman and student at San Francisco State University.

Last year, 23 trans women and gender nonconforming people were murdered. Most of them were black or Latino.

“There’s already this life expectancy of we probably won’t make it past 35 years old,” she said recently. “That’s very harrowing for me, so I feel like if I do end up murdered, I want that person found and charged.”

So Boudreaux, a mechanical engineering and computer science student, got to work making an app to help with just that.

Last week, Boudreaux and more than a dozen others participated in a hackathon to build “solutions to social problems unique to transgender people of color.” It was organized by TransH4ck, an Oakland organization that acts as a hub and a home for transgender and gender nonconforming folks and allies in the tech industry. The organization encourages the creation of open-source technology for this population.”

More Info here!

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Vintage Pride

Reposted from Brain Pickings.

“Some remarkable photos of the first ever Pride marches in the US, found in the New York Public Library Archives.

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Rebel Dykes

Reposted from Femmevoid.

“From film Rebel Dykes, documenting the forgotten herstory of lesbian London in the 1980s. Showing at the London LGBT Film Festival this March!”

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Blue is the Warmest Colour

Reposted from alicexz.

“Another painting for my solo art show, “MOMENTS II,” which opens on June 12th at Bottleneck Gallery! One of my personal favorites to come out of it!!”

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Recommendation: PFLAG Call for your stories

XylophoneGender recommends…

Submit Your Transgender/Gender Nonconforming Journey Story

PFLAG National is looking for your journey with gender identity and/or gender expression. These stories are for possible use in PFLAG National’s most popular publication for the parents, family, and friends of people who are transgender and gender nonconforming, and will be re-released later this year in a brand-new, updated edition.

Quotes will be run anonymously!

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Recommendation: Petition to legally recognize non-binary genders in the US

JR Baldwin recommends…

Petition to legally recognize non-binary genders in the US
A White House petition (an important first step)

This is an important first step to mainstream recognition of non-binary gender identity, not necessarily about changing policy outright.

It’s about creating knowledge for the average person around this issue. If the petition reaches 100,000 signatures, the White House must respond. Even if their response is not constructive, it is still news and will be reported in the news.

This is a first step to creating a common language and awareness around non-binary identity, and the narratives that emerge from the news reporting around the issue will be powerful.

When the issue is better known by the average person (especially mainstream LGBTQ*), directly contacting lawmakers to change policy will be effective and more heavily addressed, leading to actual change.

Editor’s note: This petition is still running till April 20, and so far has obtained ninety percent of the signatures needed!

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Recommendation: True Colors

Emmett recommends…

A crowd of young people in a big lecture/theatre hall.

True Colors
National LGBTQQIAA youth conference

Have you ever felt alone? Like you are the only one who will ever understand how you’re feeling? Well, you aren’t. And True Colors can show you that. The annual True Colors conference takes place in the University of Connecticut, Storrs, this year March 21 & 22. It is a truly amazing experience for anyone of any age, and any gender (or lack thereof). Four years ago, it helped me realize I was queer, and find a label for what I was feeling. Now it is helping me realize my feelings on gender. It is a wonderful educational resource, not only for young people, but for families. There are workshops on everything from safe sex and gender neutral sex education, to understanding LGBTQQIAA terminology, to salsa dancing. The conference experience can be whatever you want it to be, but one thing I promise you is that it will be fun, life-changing, and liberating.

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Recommendation: 10×10 photography project

James Fowler recommends…

Portrait of Nina Arsenault, with long wavy dark blonde hair, some strands randomly curling and defying gravity, wearing a shiny black shoulder-free top, and lots and lots of necklaces.

10×10 photography project
An annual photography exhibition and book launch

10×10 is an annual photography exhibition celebrating the contributions of LGBTQ Canadians to the Arts. Each year ten queer Canadian photographers are selected to each take ten portraits of ten different Canadians who have in some way made a contribution to the arts, either as a creative, or as an arts worker, administrator or philanthropist. All 100 photos are exhibited at the Gladstone hotel during Toronto Pride week and sold as a book with proceeds going towards an arts initiative for queer and trans youth.

2013 marks the third edition of 10×10. It is planned as a ten year project, which, with the 10th exhibition in 2021, will have included the work of 100 photographers and documented 1000 queer Canadians in the arts.

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Recommendation: Queer Oriented Rock/Rap Day School

Queer Oriented Rap/Rock Day School recommends…

Five people holding up the letters "Q", "O", "R", "D", "S".

LGBTQI youth camp

When you were age 12-17, the last place you probably wanted to go over the summer was to a camp, right?

Well, what if there had been a camp for queers and gender-benders? You could have left your small town for a week and gone into the woods with other rad youth and adults that you could relate to and do badass things like self-defense for queers, play instruments and deejay, do drag performance, stencil and screen-print and make comics, go to queer rock and hip hop shows, talk about gender identity, talk about consent and sexual health, archery, study queer superhero history, and more. Duh, of course you would have gone!

This camp has been created for youth in the South and is currently registering campers and taking volunteer applications.
Check it out and spread the word!

We are committed to promoting the creativity, confidence, leadership, and prosperity of southern queer and trans* youth (and will accept youth campers from other regions).

We aim to nurture intersectional spaces and claim music as a vehicle of queer empowerment.

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Trans* or Queer in Phoenix, Arizona

Submitted by genderWHAT?! and ExpressionGSM.

“genderWHAT?! and ExpressionGSM are two new organizations at Arizona State University. There is no age restriction to attend any event, and you do not have to be a student to attend.”

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Recommendation: Butch Voices

IdentityTBD recommends…

butch voices flyer

The Butch Voices conference begins August 20th in Oakland, CA. S. Bear Bergman will be one of the keynote speakers, and there will be workshops, performances “and bonding for butches, aggressives, studs and allies.”

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Recommendation: A Day In Hand

A Day In Hand
A Day In Hand
photos of an event

Lots of lovely photos of trans/bi/gay/lesbian people holding hands, to express the right to hold hands with anyone you love without being harassed.

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