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Pronouns! Talk about ‘em!

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“So this is pretty cool :)”

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Recommendation: Chaoslife

Someone recommends…



ChaosLife is a semi-autobiographical comic. It focuses on a queer relationship between A. Stiffler and K. Copeland, who create the comic! It also delves into politics, GSM issues, mental health, pop culture, cats and other randomness.
(Taken from ChaosLife’s about page)

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Recommendation: If This Be Sin

Anonymous recommends…

Cover of "If This Be Sin", a graphic short novel. The image shows a person of color with a somewhat female frame in a dapper white-blueish suit and top hat.

I think the author described it much better than I could have: “Gladys Bentley was a blues singer, piano player, and drag king who performed bawdy tunes in Harlem nightclubs throughout the 1920s and ’30s. Despite the social obstacles she faced as a black, openly queer woman, her outrageous and energetic act became a mainstay of the Harlem cabaret. In 1952, under the oppressive social conditions of the McCarthy era, Bentley publicly renounced her previous identity and claimed to have found happiness as a feminine housewife.”

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Recommendation: FINE

Medusa Hirself recommends…

A comic with four frames.  Top left: a person in a T-shirt with rectangular glasses and short, slightly wavy hair says "I want to be dashing and handsome, compassionate, strong, passionate, logical, sensitive, bold, free, and loving... Does that make *male* or *female*? Who gets to decide that?"  Top right: a person with freckles, whose left half has short hair, wears a masculine vest and a tie, and whose right half has long hair, and wears a hairband, a necklace and a feminine camisole/vest. They say "When I am wearing feminine clothing, I feel that my body is more feminine, and I feel that my body is masculine when I am wearing masculine clothing. My view of the gender of my body changes depending on my perspective at the time."  Bottom left: a person with short spiky hair and sideburns says "I really care less about what *society* thinks and more about what my *family* thinks. I really care about them a lot. (In smaller font:) I mean... I've struggled all my life trying to get acceptance from my folks."  Bottom right: a person in a dinosaur costume, saying "Some words I sometimes use are monster, person, David Bowie, androgyne, intergender, and genderqueer. (In smaller font:) I spend a lot of time looking for people like me, for my kind, and to that end labels like genderqueer are useful and comforting." They are surrounded by boxes containing the labels mentioned and more.

FINE – A Comic About Gender
A graphic novel based on interviews with real people

What is gender? How do we relate to it? How do we talk about it? Does it mean the same thing for everyone? FINE examines these questions by interviewing Midwesterners from across the gender spectrum. Check out the online preview of this fascinating comic project. They are actively looking for more interviewees, particularly queer and trans* people of color from the Midwest USA.

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Recommendation: Poly in Pictures

Aubri recommends…

Two stick figures with ginger beards. The one on the left says “Hi, I’m Dave. My beard is naturally red.” The one on the right says “Hi, I’m a different Dave. I was born with brown hair but it’s just not me.” and in a second speech bubble: “I’m transgingered.”

It’s a fantastic webcomic written/drawn by an aromantic, asexual, genderqueer/nonbinary relationship anarchist from the UK. They address many different issues in a comical and humorous way, such as use of singular pronouns and various challenges of being poly. Characters in the webcomic are all people in the Gender and Sexual Minorities (GSM), including polyamorous, transgender, genderqueer, pansexual, asexual, and demisexual individuals. It is a refreshing comic that makes me feel accepted and appreciated. I love reading the comic because it lets me know that there are other people like me out there that deal with similar issues to me and still have a fantastic sense of humor about the joys and challenges of living in a way that is true to yourself.

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Recommendation: a+e 4ever

tigr recommends…

Cover of a+e 4ever, a graphic novel by ilike merey. Two young, androgynous-looking people lie in a bed, under a single blanket, looking at each other, half drawn together, half shying apart.

a+e 4ever
graphic novel

a+e 4ever is the story of two gender/queer teenagers in high school, their friendship, and their exploration of their gender and sexuality. Black and white and dark and still really sweet. Beautiful and heartwrenching. Not for everyone [tw: rape, bullying, sex/nudity], but an amazing read. I didn’t manage to put it down till I finished it crying bittersweetly…

(The book has its playlist at the very back, if you’d like a soundtrack while reading!)

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Recommendation: Skin Horse

Vicky recommends…

Skin Horse
A webcomic

It’s a webcomic about a black ops government project tasked with the capture, rehabilitation, and reintroduction to society of nonhuman sentients, with a title that’s a reference to the Velveteen Rabbit.

The main character is a heterosexual transvestite psychologist with an amazing fashion sense nicknamed “Tip.” Skin Horse is easily the best depiction of transvestitism in any form of literature, ever, and that’s not a claim I make lightly. It catalogs the trials and tribulations of being non-heteronormative in a heteronormative world perfectly, while still maintaining a feeling that Tip is accepted and loved by his coworkers.

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Recommendation: How Loathsome

Rogan recommends…

How Loathsome
A comic book

This comic book was the first time I found out trans guys existed. Now, five or six years later and having plowed through a LOT of trans lit, I don’t think I could’ve done much better, as far as intros go.

Many of the characters bend gender here, and none attempt suicide, get disowned, or get bashed for it–mainly because they have other things going on in their lives. Like go to crazy parties, try to kick drugs, or perform at drag shows.

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Recommendation: Misfile

Gib recommends…


A webcomic by Chris Hazelton

Misfile is a comic I can laugh at, grimace with, boggle toward, make strange faces in general direction of – I’m not sure there’s an emotional range it doesn’t take me though. Due to a lazy angel’s mistake, Ash is changed from male to female and Emily loses the last two years of her life. Though the experiences of Emily are mentioned, more pages of the comic are dedicated to Ash’s issues. Ze’s a guy in a girl’s body, literally, but is often made to do girly things to keep up zeir family’s and friends’ expectations of zem (who they believe has always been a woman).

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Recommendation: Rooster Tails

HeadlessWaltz recommends…

Rooster Tails

Rooster tails is a weekly autobiographical webcomic written from the point of view of transguy Sam Orchard as he is transitioning.

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Recommendation: Aiesu (IS)

A reader recommends…

Aiesu is a manga collection of short stories about intersexed individuals and their lives. All the stories have the characters making a safely ambiguous place for themselves in a highly gender binary world and it filled me with such warm, fuzzy feelings! Especially the story beginning at chapter 13 which is why I posted a link to that one. They’re all self-contained so it makes no difference where you start.

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Recommendation: Khaos Komix

Lanthir recommends…

Khaos Komix
a webcomic

Khaos Komix is the story of a bunch of people in their late adolescence figuring out their identites, and many of those identities include alternate takes on gender and sexuality. There are characters who are gay, lesbian, bi, trans, etc, all of which is handled very well.

To quote the author, “This comic contains an equal amount of straight and gay people, but unfortunately for straight people (who are already so underrepresented in the media), I really only write about the queer ones.”

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