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making eyes

by a gent

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light painting

Balance is Beautiful by Julian Cash

This photo was taken at the Laughing Squid 13th Anniversary party in SF. It hasn’t been digitally altered. Julian took the portrait in a dark room with a long exposure and “painted” us with small bright lights. The models are Fivestar and me.

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Sexy Paul, originally uploaded by arielmatzuk.


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Dress & Boots

Dress & Boots, originally uploaded by mariachisamurai.

Artist writes: “This is what I dressed like in college. I miss those days “

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Profile: Tristan Crane

., originally uploaded by Tristan C.

My name is… Tristan Crane

My preferred third person pronouns… are fluid. I’ve identified as male, female, neither, and currently, both. I find that the pronouns people choose to refer to me as depend on their point of view.

I identify as… genderqueer and transgendered.

I’m attracted to… confidence and self knowledge. Androgynous energy as well as strong and hot femininity and masculinity. Bodies matter less than the sense of self you carry within you.

When people talk about me, I want them to… keep an open mind. It’s more fun that way anyway, isn’t it?

I want people to understand…  themselves, and hopefully to realize that the beauty of this world begins with our differences. Accepting one another is the first step towards accepting ourselves.

About Tristan
Tristan Crane is an artist in San Francisco who identifies as genderqueer with no particular pronoun (having gone through a spectrum of them and finding that none really feels like the ideal fit). His writing appears in graphic novel form in the book How Loathsome, and forthcoming this winter InVisible. It also in anthologies with naughty names like Fucking Daphne. Tristan’s photography has made the rounds of magazines including Curve and The Advocate, although personally, he’s most proud of a few fashion spreads in Shojo Beat because manga and comic books are just plain cool. Other random stuff that interests him is yoga, meditation, sushi, and an obsession with cats, although currently he doesn’t have one. Just a Betta Fish named Percy.

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The cast of “Drag”

The cast of Drag — The hot ticket this fall, originally uploaded by C3SAR.


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Gender Bending, originally uploaded by marichica88.


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tie 2, originally uploaded by marichica88.


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Me as Humphrey Bogart from Casablanca photo 2 of 4, originally uploaded by *M-C1*.


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“All the Kings Men”

2. Gender Bending, originally uploaded by The Taste of Rain.

Artist writes: All The Kings Men is a drag king troupe based in Boston.

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4 – Everybody Wants the Same Thing, originally uploaded by Universal Stopping Point.

“Same gender, inter-gender….swing it differently, but want the same thing. Can you even tell that one hand is female and the rest are male? Ah well.”

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noble rot, originally uploaded by nouk|baudrot.


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Chicken Fight

Spring Break 2003, originally uploaded by quartermane.

Artist writes: “Cross-dressing frat boy at SPI Spring Break 2003.”

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Angela (Male), originally uploaded by nat halford.


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PICT0322, originally uploaded by brain_dancing.


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PICT0032, originally uploaded by Prince_Mallory.


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Mothis Genderforkia


“You’re looking at an incredibly rare gynandromorph moth (great rock band name!). This Antheraea frithi moth has a female left half and a male right half, as shown in the pattern of its wings. This is so rare, that the Natural History Museum of London, where this moth is located, has only 200 such specimens among their 9 million butterflies and moths.”

Ugly Overload, from The Great Beyond

Hat tip: Devil Crayon

Posted by on September 1st, 2008 at 08:00 am

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