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My name is… Tristan Crane

My preferred third person pronouns… are fluid. I’ve identified as male, female, neither, and currently, both. I find that the pronouns people choose to refer to me as depend on their point of view.

I identify as… genderqueer and transgendered.

I’m attracted to… confidence and self knowledge. Androgynous energy as well as strong and hot femininity and masculinity. Bodies matter less than the sense of self you carry within you.

When people talk about me, I want them to… keep an open mind. It’s more fun that way anyway, isn’t it?

I want people to understand…  themselves, and hopefully to realize that the beauty of this world begins with our differences. Accepting one another is the first step towards accepting ourselves.

About Tristan
Tristan Crane is an artist in San Francisco who identifies as genderqueer with no particular pronoun (having gone through a spectrum of them and finding that none really feels like the ideal fit). His writing appears in graphic novel form in the book How Loathsome, and forthcoming this winter InVisible. It also in anthologies with naughty names like Fucking Daphne. Tristan’s photography has made the rounds of magazines including Curve and The Advocate, although personally, he’s most proud of a few fashion spreads in Shojo Beat because manga and comic books are just plain cool. Other random stuff that interests him is yoga, meditation, sushi, and an obsession with cats, although currently he doesn’t have one. Just a Betta Fish named Percy.

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9 Responses to “Profile: Tristan Crane”

  1. whittles

    Hot Damn!


  2. Miss K

    Ah I love TC. How Loathsome is a superb book.


  3. Sygar



  4. Jiz Lee

    Tristan! You’re here on GenderFork! How rad. You’re rad. This site is rad.


  5. k paul blume

    Haven’t read ‘Loathsome’ (will look it up presently) but those eyes alone compell me…


  6. Bex

    WOW! This person is gorgeous!


  7. Mer

    Yep. Tristan’s been hit with the pretty stick, like, a bazillion times. I’m always very happy to see this face.


  8. Galka

    It is interesting that the author of the article refers to Tristan as a ‘he’.


  9. elle jo

    I met Tristan about four years ago in Portland when he was promoting his book “How Loathsome” and touring with Michelle Tea and Laurenn McCubbin. He had (and I imagine still has) the super power of charming my very soul into a puddle of goo. He has a beautiful smile and a fascinating mind.


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