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You can call me… Ajay. Just Ajay, not April.

I identify as… generally a butch genderqueer. A fagboi. Though, I am normally defined as a butch lesbian and a dyke. This doesn’t make a difference to me, because, either way, I won’t bother explaining myself to ignorant people.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … S/he, hir. I know I was born a female, and I have to accept that people will call it as they see it. I hear “boy” more than enough to accept it.

I’m attracted to… Contrary to popular belief, Ajay is attracted to any type of girl, whether it be a total fem, butch, genderqueer, king, boi or any other girl who catches hir eye. Ajay likes other natural born females.
But it takes much more than simple attraction to get to hir.

But in general:
Ani DiFranco bums, girls open to traveling the world with me, a simplistic outlook, an understanding that I need space at times, whether it be a day, a week, or even a month, but know that I won’t stray in that time, tattoos, girls with their hearts on their sleeves (metaphorically), preferably short-ish hair, girls who would hold my hand and not get angsty because I don’t kiss them back everytime they kiss me, girls who hold back sometimes and are full-force other times, artsy girls, guy-gins, but not girl-gins, intelligent girls, a girl who would sit down with me and watch Xena all night long, and would watch a full-length documentary on the history channel, or a show on mythical figures, and a girl who would LOVE P!nk WITH me.

When people talk about me, I want them to… not start drama, just say what’s on their minds, either way, it’s not going to affect me any.

I want people to understand… I’m the type of person to put friends before lovers, and pets before strangers, and that you’ll only live the life you’re given once so living it to the fullest and trying everything at least once WILL make you complete on the inside even if you aren’t on the outside.

About Ajay
17 years old, and breaking standards, just like everyone else does in their own little ways..
Ajay is lost in this clique of butch lesbians who know they are girls, and are comfortable with it. S/he is in this particular others.
Hir first thought waking up is “will my hips show through my outfit today?”
S/he doesn’t like standards, doesn’t know how to go about admitting she’s a genderqueer/butch person yet a natural born female.. :/
S/he embraces the fact that her mother calls her “her little boy”.. and is completely comfortable with the acknowledgement.
Ajay wants top surgery, but does not want to be classified as a transguy.
S/he is comfortable with hir “business,” just not with hir chest.
S/he dates openly, and doesn’t fear queer bashers, because of hir physical persona, it screams boy.
Hir best friend is a total Lezbro. A great guy and very much straight but open to genderbending clothing. They share clothes, male and female clothing.
Simplicity IS what s/he wants.

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6 Responses to “Profile: Ajay”

  1. Firebolt

    Ajay, my friend, are you me?


    Ajay replied:

    Haha Firebolt from Twitter?? Lol nooo wayy.


  2. Bliz

    Damn, but, you're awesome. Would love to know someone like you.


    Ajay replied:

    You could, lol. Twitter: pull_an_ajay


  3. Lost



  4. Alaina

    "S/he embraces the fact that her mother calls her “her little boy”.. and is completely comfortable with the acknowledgement.
    Ajay wants top surgery, but does not want to be classified as a transguy."

    I like this.


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