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You can call me… Jacqe

I identify as… Jacqe, boy, queer, trans, unorthodox, dandy, non-binary, fluid, boy.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … i am as relaxed as i ‘have to be’, given that beggars can’t be choosers. I prefer masculine, they are the pronouns that reach inside and stick to my insides, the ones that make my head giddy with joy and belonging, as if they lived there all along. However, i am fluid, so there are definitive moments where feminine pronouns are more accurate or precise in referring of me or mine.

I’m attracted to… life, ardor, vivacity, alacrity and zest. Whether it be gender defined or not, i am ultimately attracted to passion and vibrancy. Girls, boys, men, women, trans, or other. I connect like a magnet to uniqueness and expression, the arts, the ego and the beauty of another person’s vision.

When people talk about me, I want them to… whisper so i can’t hear them. *s* I don’t want for much. I guess i would like them to be happy and smiling or at least talking with an open mind and little judgment.

I want people to understand… that you don’t even really need to understand. Acceptance of diversity and difference doesn’t require understanding, all it needs is a lack of judgement and a heart as open as its mind.


About Jacqe
tasteful self promotion eh?
Um, I work, i play (a lot more than i work), I’m queer, i’m here. I write (a lot more than i work or play), I take an unquantifiable amount of photos of myself, i can’t work it out, so if you do, feel free to let me know. I read too much for my own good and i have a high maintenance internet addiction (i do get outside now and again, but that is only because my laptop travels well *s*. I am as feral as i am OCD and as loco as i am logical.

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5 Responses to “Profile: Jacqe”

  1. NItzan

    it must be that shine in you , that you are trying to capture with the camera , As a photographer I have the same problem , or shall I say JOy.
    YOu are beauty.
    Enjoy it.
    feel free to contact if any time in the nYC area


  2. Dylan's Dog

    You’re all kinds of pretty too.


  3. Jacqe

    Hey guys n gals, thanks for the comments (flattery will indeed get you everywhere)
    Nitzan, i live in Australia, so New york is a little far away at the moment, but if i ever am in the area i will remember your offer :)
    And Dylan, thankyou for your kind words xx


  4. NItzan

    2 bad , u r to beautifull to be true , but that ust makes the world , worth exisiting in .
    thanks for sharing your transexisting thoughts and feelings.


  5. Jacqe Booth

    Nitzan, it is visin like yours that i connect to with magnetism; art, expression and a uniqueness of interpretation, another thing to make the world worth living and existing in.
    Thankyou for your vision also, and, for sharing it.


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