Profile: Liv


You can call me… Liv

I identify as… male, but I’m not really picky.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I don’t mind how I’m perceived. Gender in my eyes is as dynamic as ethnicity, sexuality or class, so putting yourself into a box will simply allow others to do so. I’m meant to be defining myself right now, but I’m saying that I don’t like to define. The irony is beautiful.

I’m attracted to… tall women with glasses and freckles. I’m not even kidding…

When people talk about me, I want them to… think I’m a sexgod? Aha. If only. I’d rather people delineate other people by their personality, but a giant percentage is looks, because that’s what someone sees before they get to know you. The outer layer comes first. So, when other people talk at me, the words “pretty eyes” would be rather good!

I want people to understand… that open-mindedness is really as blissful as it sounds. Gender is just another difference in the world, but it needn’t be. There’s that old maxim: “Do not judge a book by its cover.” I think there’s always value in the proverb.


About Liv
I’m a seventeen year old student and part-time writer. You can download my new novella at my store: (You’re right, self-promotion is tasteful!) I’m into books, films and all aspects of culture. I’m a coffee drinker; I’m almost always casually dressed and deep in conversation.

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5 Responses to “Profile: Liv”

  1. wing

    You do have wonderfully pretty eyes. =)


  2. Andy

    Such a beautiful picture of you! Thanks for sharing about yourself, Liv. ^_^


  3. Quinby

    Lovely! *waves to a fellow writer* Thanks for sharing.


  4. Jude

    Hellooooo Liv :) Just downloaded your novella. Look forward to reading it.

    From a fellow writer


  5. Jude

    eek just realised the link on my above post is not to my blog…mine is the one on here though ;-) x


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