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You can call me… androgynous, genderqueer, glambutch, tomboi, anything but “feminine,” only because for so long, people have said it to try to repress my female masculinity.

I identify as… a lesbian, but prefer “gay”—I consider it to be more gender-neutral.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I wish we had one a little less awkward than some I’ve heard. The Japanese do; how cool is that?

I’m attracted to… beauty; my definition is broad—I love little quirks, like ears that stick out, tooth gaps, freckles, great bones… Intelligence and quick wit floor me.

When people talk about me, I want them to… listen. Truly listen. Not interrupt frequently, not use invalidating body language. You know.

I want people to understand… that children need to be allowed to be who they are, without fear of ridicule and judgment. That the world is not black and white, but Technicolor. That “tolerance” is a pejorative; “acceptance” is preferable.


About Liz
Liz is 30 and dirty and thriving. She’s an artist, writer, and is working her way back to raw foods. She thinks that only the boring get bored.

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Posted by on August 10th, 2009 at 04:00 pm

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2 Responses to “Profile: Liz”

  1. IdentityTBD

    "…anything but feminine, only because for so long, people have said it to try to repress my female masculinity."

    Reverse the values, and this is totally where I am. Thank you, Liz.


  2. Sternklinge

    I have the same experience about ”feminine”. Love to hear that someone thinks the same. You make me proud of what I am.


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