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You can call me… Monk/Addison [drag name]

I identify as… queer because it is a very vague term that isn’t specifically for either gender in my opinion. But I will also accept lesbian, butch, dyke, drag king, genderqueer, boi, so on and so on, etc..

As far as third-person pronouns go, … any and all pronouns work for me. He/she/hir/ze/etc. I actually get more caught off guard when someone actually realizes I am female and calls me by society’s view of my “gender-appropriate pronouns.”

I’m attracted to… Ladies. Diverse ladies. Ladies with quirks about them. The ones that most people wouldn’t think I would go for. Those that may be a little off the wall but have a heart of gold.

When people talk about me, I want them to… not focus on my outward appearance but actually have some deep conversations with me. People tend to find me intimidating but I am the biggest sweetheart with a lot to talk about!

I want people to understand… I may be someone that is a little hard to handle at times but as my favorite quote in the entire world goes: “I, myself, am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.”

About Monk
I am the overly optimistic type. I can see the silver lining in almost any cloud. I believe that you only get to live this life once, so why dwell on the horrible things in life? Live it up while you have it, it could be taken from you at any moment. I am the “go-to guy” that people come to. I offer an open ear and free shoulder to everyone I know and meet. I offer it to anyone reading this as well. Overall, I am pretty chill. I enjoy drinking. I enjoy smoking cigarettes. I guess I like the things that are bad for me. Makes life more intriguing. I also enjoy intriguing people. Those who different from the main norm and aren’t afraid to be different and a little goofy. They are the best.

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8 Responses to “Profile: Monk”

  1. Adisson

    Hey hey, nice name.



  2. KJ

    you may possibly be the coolest person ever. the quote to describe yourself is simply amazing.


  3. Baba

    I’m also surprised when people call me she. It’s cool to hear someone else say that too, no one else seems to get that. I don’t really like being called he or she though, so I gotta figure something out XP


  4. sasha

    yay :)


  5. AgentRusco

    and yay for another PSCer featured. Hello Monk!


  6. Kelsey

    Haha, MORE PSC. God, do we flock here?


  7. Ajay

    All of you is cute :)


  8. Flavia

    You’re sweet :)


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