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You can call me… Whatever except my real girly name.

I identify as… 95% boy, 5% girl maybe? I hate my feminine body. I’m going to lose some weight, so my chest will get flatter… because it disgusts me. When I suddenly see my chest in the mirror, for example, it just freaks me out. I’m 21 already, but I still can’t accept it. I like to wear girly clothes sometimes, though, but it feels as I’m crossdressing.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I don’t know. I’m confused. I don’t like “she,” “he,” “hir” (I must say we don’t have”hir” in Russian), so what should I do?

I’m attracted to… Feminine men and beautiful people in general. Though, I prefer to just watch them from a distance. I’m in the wrong body, so I have no desire to do things at all. I’m a virgin. When people ask, I tell them I’m asexual.

When people talk about me, I want them to… Be more open-minded. It hardly happens.

I want people to understand… That there are more colours in this world; it’s not just black and white.

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Posted by on October 30th, 2009 at 04:00 pm

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  1. Anna

    Oh my, you’re beautiful.


  2. Eleanor

    yes, beautiful, and your profile is compelling.


  3. sasha

    You seem lovely. good luck with everything.


  4. C.S

    Wow. It feels like I’m reading my own profile there.

    I wish the best of luck to you, really.


  5. genderkid

    You’re really handsome.


  6. Mika

    I have the same reaction when I see my chest in the mirror. Though usually I try not to make the connection that it’s me being reflected.

    Thanks for sharing your profile, I wish the best of luck to you as well.


  7. nik

    so strange to see your story since i actually been feeling the same way you feel especially about losing weight to get a flatter chest. I just thought that was my preference body wise. But after reading your story I feel like maybe I am also a gender queer. I live in a very closed world so I never heard the term gender queer till tonight when the lead singer from a band announced he was a gender queer and i researched it a bit.

    I am also asexual and attracted to same type of people. I feel like I discovered something today…


  8. giulia

    @ nik: when i read things like this i’m really glad the internet exists! You’ll find your way…

    and you, dear russian boy, did you know your face was incredibly beautiful? phrases like “i want to lose some weight” always make me shiver… please be careful with it.



  9. Anonymous



  10. Maddy

    You’re very cute ^^

    Reading your profile just makes me want to help you feel better about yourself and who you feel like inside and out, because you deserve that. You’ll get there soon :)


  11. eve

    i often wonder how often eating disorders are linked to gender association differences. i know that i have had a constant struggle with anorexia because i can’t stand seeing my chest in the mirror. binding doesn’t work for me for several reasons, it’s frustrating.
    anyway, you’re awesome and i thank you for sharing your profile! this website just makes me feel happy knowing other people like you exist!


  12. Anonymous

    i started to tear up at the part about losing weight because of the breasts, i go through the same shit.


  13. Nick

    If I ever see you on the street, I’m going to find out where you like to hang out and come up to you with two tickets to the nearest paintball game and a huge purple cake that says ‘You’re fantastic. Be my date? Or if not, let me just make your day sunnier.’
    (And yes, I’m attracted to men. Sexual and asexual ones. In male and female bodies.)
    I’ll probably never meet you, but I just wanted to type something to brighten your day. I hope I succeeded in that.


  14. Mel

    Oh wow, you’re so handsome. You’re just amazingly androgynous. Like, the perfect amount


  15. Anonymous

    I would like to say that you are the first person I have ever come across who feels the same way that I do. “I’m in the wrong body, so I have no desire to do things at all. I’m a virgin. When people ask, I tell them I’m asexual.” I have never felt a true sexual pull to anyone either. I can’t without being on the outside who I am on the inside.


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