Question: Binding?

A reader asks…

How do you curvier biological females bind yourselves so that your breasts, hips, butt and thighs don’t look overly feminine? I have a large bust, small waist and wide hips and I want to hide that fact.

Please post your response in the comments below.

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Posted by on December 29th, 2009 at 04:00 pm

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  1. Traduit

    I’ve never been able to figure out what to do about the hips. :/ I just go with baggy clothes usually. And slouching, but that’s probably bad for the back. XD


  2. Zory

    The double front compression shirt from underworks is full length, and can mask the hips a bit, smooth the love handles out etc! But overall baggy shirts are the way to go… low rise jeans that rest on the bottom of your hips and long t-shirts, so your waist isn’t emphasized at all.


  3. Corbyn

    Underworks is a great website. They have long compression shirts and their compression is awesome. They are also the cheapest binders I can find 2nd to ace bandages which wouldn’t help.
    For your hips you can try Spanx I would get a size smaller to try to get a really good compression. Kohls makes a generic product that is the same but cheaper. But with the hips sometimes it’s boney structure and you can’t compress that and so wearing baggy clothes will help. Try to avoid big pockets though because they accentuate hips


  4. alix

    I wasn’t a big fan of the Underworks binders, but I’ve had success with the full-length one from Double-T. I tuck that into my briefs to keep it from riding up, and it helps mask the hips a bit. I have a completely flat ass, though, so I don’t need to worry about that.


  5. Anonymous

    on a related note:
    has anyone else had trouble with chest pain after binding? I have the underworks extreme chest concealer, and every time I wear it, the next day my chest hurts like a mother and I’m coughing all day.
    Any words?


    Robbie ;) replied:

    If you wear one for a long time that can happen. Maybe you have it on too long try to reduce the time you are wearing it or try a different type??


  6. Corbyn

    I have the same problem I also have extreme back pain. My chest pain is partly due to pierced nipples but the actually tissue hurts like hell. I haven’t found a great solution. I have tried wearing an Under Armour like shirt on under the binder helps me get the binder in better position so it is more comfortable


  7. nick

    I have back pain from my binder. It’s bareable but I do worry that I might be damaging my body. Has anyone ever asked a doctor for advice about that? I’m worried that mine will just tell me to stop binding.
    As for other shapes.. if only there was a good way to hide feminine hips/ass. That would be so great.


  8. jean c.

    I found it was pretty easy to modify the Underworks shirts with a regular sewing machine using the zigzag stitch (I didn’t need a serger). they just seem to use this all-elastic fabric that is pretty straightforward… so if you get one that is too big or has the elastic panels not where you want them, you can move stuff around or sew them tighter as you need them!

    also I would say go for pants that ride low on your butt but are not necessarily baggy — that may be personal taste — but bagginess can just make your hips look bigger.

    and yeah, darn, this is an ongoing struggle…


  9. nick

    Something that came to mind today: putting your wallet in your back pocket is ‘the guy thing’ to do, but it also makes a possibly ‘feminine’ behind even more noticeable. So why not put your wallet in your inner coat pocket instead? It’s just as much a ‘guy thing’ and it helps hide curves in the upper department.


  10. Anonymous

    I read this thing the other day about the dangers of binding which made me personally a bit reluctant.. sticking with sportsbra for the moment i think. meh.

    Here’s the link


  11. Julian

    Yep, binding can be dangerous if done incorrectly.

    I wanted to weigh in and point out that the CUT of the item of clothing is more important than if it is baggy. For instance, if you buy a shirt, make sure it is straight in the body (versus cut for curves) and that it is long enough that it does not draw attention to your torso.


  12. Mel

    I use ace bandages to bind, but they slide down, or the clips come undone…any thing I can do to stop it?


    Anonymous replied:

    Binding with ace bandages is very dangerous and can really mess up your ribs!!!


  13. Keanan

    Mel- I don’t have much experience binding but I figured out something that seems to work. First, put on a sports bra. Then wrap the bandage around you in a comfortable manner. Third, safety pin it in place. Fourth, put another sports bra on to keep everything in place. Then put on a t-shirt or tank-top on (a little snugger is better). Then put on your regular shirt or two.

    I want to start binding more but using a traditional binder is not an option nor is getting a “frog bra”. I don’t think ace bandage will be very practical for most days. What is a good brand of sports bra that will bind or at least compress? I want something that I can get at a store like Sports Authority or Jockey.


  14. Amari

    Start bodybuilding if you wanna kill off those womanly curves.
    Weightlifting is a good way to go when it comes to masculinizing the female body because it helps the body produce testosterone no matter what – It won’t be a large amount but it does help — keep in mind this isn’t for everyone; But if you can do it(and keep up with it) for sure it will help you. Here are some of the exercises that I do.

    Try doing some push-ups or bench presses; these exercises will slim and trim the chest area and increase your pecs muscles/size

    Walking/Jogging/Running will slim the thighs & arse area – do weighted lunges or leg squats(on the machine or without) to sculpt the calves and gain muscle mass

    Doing Lateral pull downs/Chin-ups builds a bigger,stronger back – Having a bigger back and narrow waist “The V Look” will help you in your journey of Masculinization

    Weighted Oblique crunches on a 45 Degree Extension Bench…this one will REALLY help when it comes to those annoying love handles and curves.Basically what this exercise does is ‘box’ your mid section Thus killing off the curves on your waist and gaining muscle.

    Need a visual on how its done? Check out this vid:

    Hope it helps :)


  15. Keanan

    Awesome. Thanks Amari. I’ve been looking for some exercises that actually work.


  16. Anonymous

    Agh, now if only I wasn’t so lazy…


  17. Amari

    If you really want it — You’ll do it. Self-motivation!!!


  18. Ctl

    Someone said not to wear pants with large pockets because they accentuate your hips – this is actually false, smaller pockets will make your ass look bigger. Larger, lower pockets are ideal, so that they’re sort of hanging off your butt and onto a flatter part of your body. Wearing really tight jeans slung low on my hips seems to diminish my bottom, too.
    Any shirt with a V-pattern will be good for accentuating your shoulders and narrowing your hips. Horizontal stripes across the chest (probably best placed above the breasts) are also good for widening.


  19. Lanthir

    Harking back to what Amari was saying, another thing that can make the legs–particularly the calves–look more masculine is riding a bicycle a lot.


  20. nick

    Riding a bike a lot just makes my thighs and ass look bigger (–> more feminine). :(


  21. Liam

    For making my hips narrower i’ve found that wearing very tight trousers whenever at home really helps. all the female trousers i own no longer fit.

    But you know, there are so health issues that can go along but i don’t really know what else :/


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