Recommendation: Allan’s Amato’s Crossdressing Party Portraits

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More photos of the kind us ’Forkers love by photographer Allan Amato. I found this and other amazingness while perusing Coilhouse’s “gender” tag–which is pretty polygot but worth checking out, if only for the Soviet crossdressers.

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  1. Alyosha

    Mary Fleming Zirin translated the diaries of the cavalry officer from the Coilhouse article. I'm reading this book, The Cavalry Maiden, currently, and enjoying it a lot. And if you search for 'gussarskaya ballada' on YouTube you can find the complete film there, alas without subtitles, but with lovely costumes and acting. During the seventh part, (at ) the Field Marshal Kutuzov is appraised of the, er, situation and orders a resignation. The Adjutant General Balashov comes to deliver a letter to Kutuzov and tells him how we was rescued by a young soldier. Kutuzov says that's the stuff heroes are made of and that the boy should be given a medal. Balashov recognizes the young cornet as his rescuer, is told of the situation and demands Kutuzov does as he said and award the lad with a medal. The cornet returns the medal and asks to just stay and fight, and is admonished about making playthings out of something so serious, but is allowed to stay. It's my favorite scene from the film. Can you tell I'm a wee bit interested in this? :)


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